Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have been very busy getting some quilts made for Jonah, Abigail and the new baby (expected Dec. 7).  We will be taking care of Jonah while my DIL is in the hospital and we don't know exactly when we will get the call (obviously).  We're going to be partially packed so when they call, we can leave ASAP.  The neighbors will stay with Jonah until we get there - it's a 6 hour drive.

When Jonah was born I made a regular baby quilt and a play quilt, so I thought I better do the same for the new baby.  However, when we were on our trip, we saw a construction panel at a quilt shop and since Jonah's new bedroom has a construction mural on the wall, I had to get this panel.  This is now finished and it will be good to have something special for the "big brother."  Here is the front.

And here is the back.  One of my other DILs had gotten this map fabric a long time ago, but had never used it, so she gave it to me and I thought it would work well for the backing.
We will be spending Christmas in Florida with another son, DIL & Abigail.  I had bought this panel for a girl's play quilt and Abigail with get this for Christmas or her birthday (Dec. 27).  I don't know if you have ever looked for this type of panel, but it seems like it is easier to find panels for boys than for girls.  I was actually looking for a doll house type that had a view from the side not the top.  I don't know if she will know what these things are or not. 
Another project was stockings for 2 of my DILs.  Last Christmas I kind of made fun of one DIL's Christmas "stocking" because it really wasn't a stocking it was some kind of leather bag that they got in Africa and it was huge!  Her response was:  "Well nobody has made me a real stocking."  Well.....obviously, I had to make her a stocking.  And I was pretty sure Abigail's mother didn't have one either, so I made her one.  I found these kits in Idaho on a "Sale" table (I always seek out the sale section) and each kit had 6 fat quarters in them.   By using muslin for the lining, I was able to get 2 stockings out  of one kit!
I thought I would show how I have been basting quilts.  I have some tables that I set up in the garage and I have been spray basting the quilts.  In the picture I have the quilt top folded back so I can spray the basting stuff on the batting.  I do one half at a time.  However, I just basted a baby/lap quilt with straight pins because Joan at Keeping you in Stitches said she does that.  It sure is more economical than spray basting, because it is free!  
Don't forget to enter my giveaway drawing on my last blog post!  Thanks to all who have entered and left sweet comments!  I will be drawing a winner on Sunday.


  1. I'm sure Jonah will love his new construction quilt!!
    I bet it doens't tale Abigail long to figure out the doll house quilt either. That is so unusual- I like it alot!!

    YOu can never have too many stockings hanging around during the holidays. Those are very cute!!

  2. The quilts are all adorable. I'm sure they'll be well loved. I love the map on the back of the construction quilt - a little geography lesson on there! The stockings will be a nice gift as well.

  3. The stockings are so adorable!

    A couple more things about my pin basting. I don't tape the backing down. That way I can slide the quilt around and reach the area in the easiest way.

    The other is this...take care when you grab the quilt as you're quilting it. The pins can be very "scratchy". A baby quilt is a great size to try it out on.

    I put the exact same USA panel on the back of one of our I Spy quilts. My kids used to drive matchbox cars or whatever from state to state.

  4. Jonah's quilt is great! The big brother needs a gift, too, so this is perfect. I love the map on the back, too, it is a double sided quilt! When my oldest daughter was growing up the maps always had Aklaska and Hawaii in the lower left hand corner of the picture. When she got into grade school, she was confused to find out where they are really located. She thought they were both in the ocean to the southwest of California and Mexico! I can understand that from a child's point of view, they take the pictures literaly.

    The Christmas stockings are both so cute. Your DIL's will treasure them!

  5. The kids are going to love those quilts;) I've never tried pin basting, or spray basting. It's either safety pins, or thread.
    Happy Quilting!!!

  6. How exciting a new grandbaby....

    Just love all of those panels....what fun to be quilting for your little ones....

  7. Your playmat quilts are very fun. The map on the back of Jonah's is a bonus - what a great idea. Great job with the Christmas stockings. I'm sure they will be appreciated. Now your DILs will be properly equipped!

  8. All those projects are really great! The map fabric is really special and will be a perfect backing for Jonah's quilt. You are having lots more fun than I am right now! ---"Love"

  9. What great quilts which your grandchildren will love, and the stockings are fun too.

  10. You have been very busy. Love both of the quilts and the Christmas stockings are adorable!

  11. I love the quilts - you've been busy! I spray baste sometimes but have to do it indoors so I don't do it often. I use fusible batting sometimes - did that today. And with baby quilts I use the flat head flower pins. What works for one thing doesn't necessarily work for another so I vary it. blessings, marlene

  12. Super quilts Ruth! I like your stockings too. Your basting setup is a terrific idea. No sticky mess inside the house. Ann :-)

  13. I was randomly searching online and found your post- I've been looking everywhere for an arial view of a dollhouse- help! Where did you find that panel??