Monday, October 4, 2010


I have been too busy to blog lately, but decided to take a few minutes to post some pictures today.  We will be participating in the Federal Employee's Association craft show in Dallas, TX this week on Oct. 6 & 7, so I have been sewing like a mad woman.

I made this little quilt for the little doll bed thinking I would sell both at the craft show, but my sister convinced me to keep the little bed for the antique doll that I posted about on September 22.
 As you can see, the doll bed is perfect for the 10" doll.
We don't know anything about the doll other than that it was in my Mom's closet for about 50 years.   I'm sure some (if not all) of you probably think I'm nuts to have dolls in doll beds in my home.  DH just rolls his eyes.
Below is a baby quilt that I made for the craft show.  I have never had any baby quilts at any craft shows before, but have had a few people asking about them, so I thought I would make a few and see what happens.

 It is a Chinese coin pattern and I use a charm pack to make the rows of coins.
I better get to work - only two more days to get everything ready!


  1. The baby quilt is really sweet. The dolly quilt is cute, too. And just roll your eyes back at the hubby...I don't think any of our husbands truly understand us, it's the tolerance that's important!

  2. busy busy busy...I know what it's like!

  3. I know two or three quilt friends that have doll beds or cradles in their homes decorated with a doll or two and of course, quilts. I think it's perfect. We never outgrow our desire to nurture. Some people dote on their pets. :)

  4. Your quilting is beautiful; you just keep getting better and better! And you know how I love pink! Good luck at the craft show! Have fun at Corsicana, and tell Barb Hi! ---"Love"

  5. I love the doll quilt, I couldn't let that one go! I love dolls, always have, always will, and have a few around my house, too.

    The baby quilt is really sweet, love the pretty colors!

  6. Love the doll quilt. The doll looks perfect in her bed,with the quilt over her. Comfy! Glad your sister convinced you to keep the bed.
    The baby quilt is so cute. Good luck at the craft show.

  7. That doll quilt is perfect...she looks very pleased with it;) Good luck at the craft show!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Great doll and baby quilts!
    My DH and boys roll their eyes at lots of things I do!!!
    Have fun at the craft show and good luck!♥

  9. Darling! I agree with your sister - keep it over that baby doll. :)

  10. All of the quilts are beautiful. I especially like the doll quilt!

  11. Such lovely quilts! As always Ruth your work is of the highest standard. Ann :-)

  12. ...I just love doll beds and lill' quilts...and that 'antique' doll looks like German 'Hilda"...
    If it's original it could be more than 50 years old...... worth finding out...