Sunday, September 26, 2010


I stopped at several quilt shops while on my trip and I mentioned a couple of them before, but here is a picture of some fabric.  The red and piano fabric were purchased somewhere in Virginia - sorry, no pictures of the store and I forgot exactly where it was.  The cheddar and 2 reproductions on the right are from The Quilt Merchant in Winfield, Il. It specializes in reproductions and has a great selection!
Here are the patterns I got - only one is a quilting pattern.  I'm thinking about adapting the Blue Snowman cross stitch into a Christmas stocking for the new baby coming in December.  On the left is a wool pincushion pattern (for a possible pincushion exchange?), and the other 2 are just because I like to embroider.
In going through my mail when we arrived home, I received a package from Canada!  I won a giveaway from Janet at Hall's Harbour Handcrafts & Quilt Studio.  It is a lovely hand embroidered pillow sham.  I love it!  Thanks so much, Janet!
Another quilt shop that I stumbled across is Lucky 2B Quilting in Pecatonica, IL.  We were looking for a camp ground and couldn't find it, so we stopped there for directions.   DH saw this panel of construction equipment and thought I should get it for Jonah because he has a mural on his bedroom wall of a dump truck, etc.

Another treasure of my Mom's that I got is a box full of paper dolls.  These have to be from around 1918-25.  Mom used to let us play with them occasionally.
I always thought the twin buggy was so neat with a place for the faces to show through. 
 Can you believe what good shape these paper dolls are in after 90+ years?

I have seen some giveaways for the Go AccuQuilt cutter and Jane is having one on her blog.  I am entering this one (and others) and for an extra entry, I'm blogging about it.  Wish me luck!

My sister has a real green thumb and this is from her garden. 
Have a great week!


  1. Your new fabrics are really great, especially the reproduction ones. Your new patterns are nice, the snowman would make a great Christmas stocking! Congrats on your win, the embroidery is very pretty. The construction fabric would make a wonderful busy time quilt for Jonah, he could be busy with it for a long while.

    I love the paper dolls. I loved playing with them when I was little, I had some favorites. I don't think any of mine have survived. Your Mothers are nicely preserved. You should frame them to enjoy!

  2. Somewhere, someday, my family will find my paperdolls too; I just don't know where they are right now, but I still have them I'm sure! Yours are really special! I'd never have thought of framing them, but that sounds like a great idea!
    I've never seen the piano keyboard fabric, but I'd like to find some to make covers for my organ keyboards that don't have covers like my piano. I think I'll look online for some.
    What is that beautiful flower? A camillia? It's gorgeous! ---"Love"

  3. You've got some great new treasures there...and a few old ones, too! I love the piano keys fabric. And the paper dolls are fantastic! I remember playing with some growing up, but I don't know where they went...two younger brothers didn't help things staying in one piece either.

  4. I remember playing with paper dolls...but not treasures like these;) Glad you had fun and got some cool goodies!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. It looks like some great purchases, but the paper dolls are the best! They are in fantastic shape! How do you plan on displaying them?

  6. Looks like you "scored" some neat things on your the paper darling.

  7. Hey, the paper dolls in the last picture look like the embroidery transfers I won on Ebay. They look like the Campbell Soup kids. Love the fabric!


  8. Lots of great stuff! Love the paper dolls.

  9. Love the paperdolls, and also the antique doll further down on the posts! And what a lovely pillow sham! A nice give-away item that's for sure!

  10. What great goodies! I love the paper dolls. I used to love paper dolls, b ut mine never held up too long with two younger sisters. Yours are just beautiful. I like the framing idea too.
    We vended right next to the Quilt Merchant last year (and I wanted everything they had in their booth).

  11. Wonderful finds! The paper dolls are the "gems" and very special!

    Looks as though you will have some new projects in the works...:)

    Have a wonderful week and thanks as always for sharing. Carolyn

  12. Yuor posts are always a delight for the senses Ruth. What a fantastic collection of goodies - fabrics, patterns and the pillow sham. The paper dolls are in amazing condition and would make some pretty collages. That's a gorgeous hibiscus! Ann :-)

  13. Thanks for stopping by to enter the Fall Into Fall giveaway!! Good Luck:)

  14. Hey, brilliant minds think along the same lines... and all that. I just bought that same chrome orange fabric yesterday at our annual show!