Thursday, October 14, 2010

GETTING a little ORGANIZED and other stuff

I have had this notebook sitting on the shelf with lots of papers stuffed in it.  Yesterday I got some tabs and got lots of things put in the notebook!  Yea!!!  I'm sure I will find more things I want to save in it, but at least now it has categories to put them in.

 I also got some of my scraps organized (just some scraps - there are lots more).  This basket is for 1 1/2" strips of 30's fabric and reproduction fabric.  I will be making 4-patches.  The 30's will be paired with white fabric and the reproductions will be paired with tan or beige or another color.

Another find from my trip is the little bank book belonging to my maternal grandfather.  I have it displayed on my desk.

It's from the 50's.  My grandpa was a carpenter and after he and my dad and uncles built our house (in 1948), he built another house for him & grandma.  He didn't live very long after that, only until 1951.

I finished appliqueing the stars on the blue fabric on our trip and now the top of the flag quilt is finished. I will be basting some quilts soon and this will be one of them, but it isn't a top priority, so I don't know when I will get it quilted.

I have been wanting to make this quilt for a long time.


  1. The bank book is a neat find. But is that really part of a desk? I mean, it's so tidy and there aren't odds and ends stuffed here and there... (I try so hard to keep my desk tidy, but it seems to be a catch-all.)

    I like your idea to organize quilty stuff, too. Maybe I'll try something like that, though my sewing room suffers a worse fate than my desk regularlly because almost noone sees it! And really, I could spend that time quilting!

  2. How awesome to have your flag top done!! I'm sure you'll have it ready to display next summer:)
    Love the bank book. Did they not give interest back then? :)

  3. The flag quilt is amazing!! Are the stars appliques that you are sewing on top or did you sew them yourself? The blue background fabric is fantastic for this. How large is the whole quilt? Great work!!

  4. I love that you found the bank book - I have a small notebook of my grandmothers and I treasure it. blessings, marlene

  5. I organize with binders, too. Makes it real easy to find things(if I put them in the binder, that is)! About said bank book. Most savings accounts gave you 5% interest back then (wish that was so today) but interest was only credited to your account once a year. You had to take the bank book into the bank to have it posted. I remember keeping bank books like that (no comments, please)!


  6. I love your vignettes! I find it so hard to stay organized, but am trying to do better.
    The basket of scraps - blocks in progress - is sweet and very useful at the same time!

  7. I love your flag quilt!! I remember having a bank book back in grade school. Wow, I must be old - lol!

  8. I think I may still have my daddy's little deposit book too; notice the regularity with which deposits were made. I also found the tiny old glasses interesting; I have my mother's which look just like them. Your flag quilt makes me want to make one! I use notebooks too, but I don't sort and file often enough! ---"Love"

  9. The bank book is such a great find. I remember having one of those.
    I have all my patterns and notes in binders also. I recently purged a bunch of old things so I have a little room again.
    Your flag is just fantastic. I have been wanting to do a flag quilt for a while, will have to add it to the list.

  10. What fun treasure's- great that they were saved and taken such good care of.

    Your organizing looks as though it is going to be worth it! Now it will be easier to find what you want to find---good job!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  11. I remember bank books like that..when I first started banking before technology moved in to speed things along;)
    Glad you are taking the time for yourself to get always helps;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  12. It's nice to have keepsakes from our ancestors. Love your flag quilt!

  13. Its great when one gets organized... sometimes you discover things you've forgotten you had...
    The quilt is beautiful.

  14. Organization is a heavenly word to me, and you are so good at it!