Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We ended our visit to Williamsburg with the fife and drum march yesterday. That was probably the highlight of the visit! Too many other photographers were in the way to get a really good picture.
The tour of the governor's palace was wonderful! The tour guide was excellent.
We spent some time in the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg and enjoyed that very much! The air conditioning wasn't bad either!
There were three quilts by Virginia Alsop. The one above on the right was made around 1870-80. The baby quilt on the left was made in 1852 (when she was 15 years old, I believe).
The yellow on the left was also made by Virginia Alsop when she was 15. Not bad, eh?
This quilt was made by Ruth Bower Swinney Ogden in 1839-47. The doll below shows the quilted petticoats that women wore in those days.
We could have spent lots more time at Colonial Williamsburg, but would rather be there when it isn't hot. Spring or fall would probably be the best time to visit there.

I don't know if you can see the train in this picture. I took it from the doorway of our camper without zooming it in at all. We figure the tracks are about 30-50 feet away. Chugga Chugga!! Luckily, they don't blow their whistle!!
Monday night I spent some time sewing and got all the HST's (that I had made before our trip) put together for the baskets. This will be a wall hanging. You can see my tiny sewing area in the camper.
Today we travel to Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. DH has been wanting to go to this for years. I have already staked out some quilt shops in the area - Hee Hee! We'll be staying at a state park, so probably won't have regular internet access (unless we go to McDonald's).


  1. Another fun day that included quilts! I especially love the one with the yellow background.
    Enjoy the LL games!!

  2. MUSTS

    If you like reproduction fabrics, the place to go is Our Gathering Place (936 Plaza Drive Montoursville, PA 17754-2400 (570) 368-1130). They have a large selection of Reproduction. A good selection of Batik, and a healthy collection of 'everything else'. :)

    Verna's Fabrics‎ (1430 Red Bank Road, Mifflinburg, PA‎ - (570) 966-2350) Quintessential Amish shop. Love it! Go go go! Be sure to check out the finished tops (flimsies) that they have for sale.

    Rose of Sharin' in Danville (311 Mill Street, Danville, PA 17821-1966) is a nice shop. Love the gals there.

    Save the time/drive for Inspirations Quilt Shop (701 Allegheny Street, Tiadaghton Valley Mall, Jersey Shore, PA 17740). Small shop. Great people, but probably not worth the drive.

    The Beckoning Cat (209 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA‎ - (570) 523-1520‎) -- Japanese fabric ONLY. Japanese knickknacks. Very small shop.

    Fabrics Galore‎ (58 East Main Street, Bloomsburg, PA‎ - (570) 784-8799‎) Mixed selection. Lots of patterns / rulers, and other do-dads Shop workers tend to hover.

    If you like ANTIQUING, be sure to stop at ROLLER MILLS (517 St. Mary Street and 100 N. Water Street Lewisburg, PA 17837). I have been lucky enough to score some lovely ANTIQUE TABLE CLOTHS and ANTIQUE QUILT BLOCKS. They also have some finished antique quilts -- be sure to look them over thoroughly.

    There's another antique mall a few blocks from ROLLER MILLS, but be warned going to the lower levels triggered an asthma attack (musty/moldy smell).

    Enjoy the Little League World Series. I've been meaning to go for years (Williamsport is only 2 hours from home for me).

    If you have time, you might want to catch the local Minor League Ball Team .. the Williamsburg CrossCutters.


  3. I love that first red and white quilt! The quilts you turn out from that small space just proves that we quilters can make anything work to do what we love to do! Have fun at the ballgames and shopping! ---"Love"

  4. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip. The quilts are amazing!

  5. Fantastic quilts. Thanks for sharing them with us. That train is very close to your camper.

    Enjoy quilt shop hopping!

  6. I love old quilts like those;) And I love your quilting space in the lucky you are to have room to quilt when you travel;)
    Happy Traveling!!

  7. Hey, you are in my neck of the woods. You coming close to Philadelphia? Maybe we could meet? That would be just too cool!


  8. We are going to miss a stay near Williamsburg. My sister-in-law invited us to share her time share there but we have another trip planned at that time. I have wanted to go to Williamsburg since I was young.

  9. I'd love to visit Williamsburg. The antique quilts look as gooas as the day they were finished. Keep having fun! ann...