Sunday, August 22, 2010


We are at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA now. Actually, we are camping at a state park. Today is the third day and it rained all night. The main game we want to see today is at 8:00 PM.
This is the team we are pulling for. They are from Pearland, TX. They won their first game and they play again tonight, so we want to be sure to be there.
We are staying at Bald Eagle State park. Below is a picture of their office.
There are several Amish towns around here and I took a picture of this buggy we were driving behind. The scenery is beautiful and there are lots of farms.
Yesterday on our way to the games, we drove past a house that had a sign in front saying "Fresh doughnuts on Saturdays." So, since it was Saturday, we decided to stop. Some cute Amish boys peeked at us from the barn. The wife let us into the kitchen where she had about 10 or 12 varieties of doughnuts for sale - 50 cents each! We got two apiece and were very happy. Next Saturday we plan to stop there again.

A blogger gave me the names of some quilt shops in the area and I went to Verna's Fabrics in Mifflinburg, PA. It is an awesome shop with extremely good prices! I plan to visit that shop again. I want to visit a couple other shops also. It remains to be seen whether I will buy fabric at them or not.


  1. I hope it is done raining so you can enjoy the game. It looks so pretty in all your photos.
    Enjoy the game and the local quilt shops.

  2. Hope your favorite team won their game! It looks like a beautiful campground, I like ones with lots of trees. The donuts sound delish! I am fascinated by the Amish way of life. Enjoy your visits to the quilt shops, hope you find some nice fabric to bring home.

  3. Sounds like you are having fun! We have been catching glimpses of the series on TV.

  4. I had so much fun watching Ohio and New Jersey's game Friday! I kept watching for a glimpse of you in the stands tonight, but didn't see you. Can't wait to read about your experience. All I'll say now is that Texas went to PA. to play ball, didn't they? Will you be staying for Tuesday night's game?
    Oh, and I loved your pictures, all of them! ---"Love"

  5. Good luck to the Pearland Texas team! The camping looks beautiful and the quilt shopping sounds like fun.

  6. Go Texas! I bet those doughnuts tasted delicious and the fabric shop. Do tell more - what did you buy! ann...