Friday, August 27, 2010


We are really enjoying our stay in Pennsylvania! The barns are real big here as you can see below.
This is our camp site. We unloaded the camper off of the truck because we are driving around a lot while we're here. The state forest/park is awesome! Last night the temperature was down to 48 degrees, but now in the afternoon it is warm. It is really nice to be out of the stifling heat!!
I stopped at the Our Gathering Place quilt shop in Montoursville PA and purchased a few pieces of fabric there. The airplane fabric might be for a shirt for Jonah. It is a really nice shop with lots of reproduction fabrics. However, since I spent most of my wad at Verna's, and have a lot of reproductions at home, I didn't buy much.
I finished the star applique for my flag quilt and am working on a few other hand embroidery projects.
Tomorrow is the big game for the US championship and the Texas team is in it! We will be going early so we can get a seat in the stadium. It should be an exciting game! Then, on Sunday, we'll be there for the world championship game. What fun!!

BTW, thanks to all who voted for my quilt in the Quilters Gallery embroidery contest! I'm sorry I haven't thanked you sooner...I kept forgetting.....


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! How fun texas made it to the finals!!

  2. Can you believe I've typed my comment twice already, and then closed it down when I looked back at the game? I'm not going to preview again!
    I'm so glad you are staying for the LL Finals! I hope you get to see Texas win; wouldn't that be great?
    Looks like Texas will be playing Hawaii next maybe.
    Did you get to see Washington's pitcher Hatch fire all those strike-outs? What a ball player he is!
    Enjoy the Texas game! (Dare I say gameS?) I hope they win all the way! Have fun, and stay safe!

  3. Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state. I don't have to go too far from my Phily suburb to get out into the farm country.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip, glad you are having a good time. The airplane fabric would make a really cute hawaiian style shirt for Jonah. Have fun!

  5. Picture postcard scenery Ruth. Nice fabrics - the aeroplane print is just perfect for Jonah. The stars look really good. I'm cheering for Texas! ann...

  6. This looks like a lot of fun. You did a great job on your stars!

  7. I love the holidays on campsites, too, but I use to do it in Europe.
    The last trip was to France.
    You can see some pictures on my blog.
    But I also love to quilt as xou can see there too!

  8. Looks as though you two are having a wonderful time together. Your camp site looks very inviting! I wonder if you had a camp fire and if so did you roast marshmallows to make the famous smores? Hugs, Carolyn

  9. Sounds like you are having fun! How much longer are you on the road?
    Enjoy the game.