Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It is so nice being retired!!!!! I'm starting to make a dent in some quilting projects. I'll show you a few. First of all, I'm over half way finished with the hand quilting on my tumbler table runner!

We have a niece who is expecting in July, so I'm putting together an "I Spy" baby quilt. I haven't sewn the blocks together yet because I'm waiting to see if she's having a boy or a girl. Most of the blocks are good for either sex, but some would not work for a boy (no pinks or girly girl stuff). I might come across some more good fabrics in the mean time too, and I have a few more months before I will need to get it finished.
My quilting guild has accepted the American Patchwork & Quilting's challenge of a million pillowcases to donate to charity, so I made a few pillowcases and took them to my guild meeting last night.
I'm had this music fabric for quite a while, so decided it was time to use it.
I love this old-fashioned valentine fabric and have used it to make several pillowcases before, but had enough left for one more. It is so sweet!
Now, back to income tax....Ugh! However, I can only work on paperwork for so long and then I have to get back to sewing!


  1. I love that valentine fabric! All of the pillowcases are fantastic. I'm sure someone will be thrilled to get them.

    The I Spy quilt is very cute, but I don't see anything that wouldn't be okay for a boy...

    The table runner looks great, too!

  2. Your little tumbler quilt is coming along very nicely! And you're so organized! I love the I Spy pattern for kids -- it's so fun to make!

  3. Oh, I am so jealous! I was a stay-at-home mom and my time was my own. I know what that kind of freedom is like. Do enjoy yourself. Everything looks just wonderful!

  4. Your tumbler table runner is looking great. I love all the different fabrics, they are so pretty! Your quilting is very nice, too.

    The I Spy quilt is really cute, too. Those are so much fun.

    I need to get going on some pillowcases. Yours look so nice!

    Yes, retirement is great. I now have time for lots of things I couldn't do when I was working. I keep telling my kids to start saving now so they won't have to worry about retirement but for them it is soooooo far away. Plus, they don't have much left over for savings. I know things will turn aroung eventually but I do worry about what's ahead for them sometimes.

    Enjoy your "free" time!

  5. All the fabrics on your post this time are great! I particularly love the music; I'd like to find some of that. your quilting is simply gorgeous! ---"Love"

  6. OK I want to come look in your stash because you have some real gems! I love the music and valentine fabrics! Your quilting is looking gorgeous :) Christine

  7. I like your fabric choices on the tumbler table runner. The quilting is looking good.

  8. The hand quilting is making that quilt over the top! It is so lovely!!
    Your eye spy quilt will be a fun one too:)

  9. Love your tumbler table runner...gorgeous quilting too!

  10. love the tumbler table runner, just beautiful....
    thats great music fabric...
    cute valentine fabric too, nice for a pillowcase
    thanks for sharing with us
    Love seeing what your up to

  11. Those pillow cases are great;) Not to say we would use "uglies" for them, but they are a great project for charity that can use up some of our "leftovers" or "what to do's".
    I'm really liking the hand quilting you are doing. It's nice to have time to do the things that make you happy;)
    Happy Quilting!!!

  12. What a lovely pattern for a child's quilt! The variety of fabrics you are using makes it really fun. It will grow up nicely as baby gets older, too! -Joanne

  13. Hi Ruth
    Your table runner is looking great, I love those fabrics you have used and the pillow cases are wonderful, what a good way to use up odd pieces of fabrics. I think its a wonderful thing your guild is doing.Talk to you soon, xx