Sunday, December 6, 2009


I was given a retirement party at work on Thursday - 2 weeks before the actual retirement day - because of Christmas and work related conflicts. The party was wonderful!!! I really was amazed and very happy with all the people who came to the party. When I went into the room, the biggest surprise was that my GS Jonah was there with my DIL!! My son wasn't able to make it and the other 2 sons live very far away. Jonah was the hit of the party!!
I received the gorgeous roses, a shirt (below) and, of course, a retirement plaque.

Also, this sweet figurine from the U. S. Probation Office (I worked there for a couple years also). It made me feel so grateful to have so many people come to the party, including some federal judges!!

Here's my finished candy cane basket.
Jonah seemed to like the barn toy that we dug out of the closet. Since I didn't know they were coming, I hadn't gotten the house prepared for company at all. DH knew that if he cleaned the house I would have suspected something.
Jonah cuddling with grandpa. He is such a sweetie!


  1. May your days of 'new life enjoyment' be blessed & relaxing ... nothing like no commitments!

    What a doll baby ... look at those gorgeous blues!

    TTFN ~Marydon
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  2. What a wonderful surprise! Happy retirement. Enjoy all of those extra hours of sewing.

  3. Congratulations! It sounds very generous and fun!!
    I love the new quilt in your header, but it is so big I didn't see your blog posts at all! I thought I had a malfunction:)

  4. Does this mean more time for quilting?

  5. How exciting that retirement is so close. I haven't missed work one day since I retired two years ago. I am always busy doing something. Enjoy!

    I like the red & white quilt in your header.

  6. How lovely to be appreciated and surprised also! Wow - big changes for you - I wish you a lovely retirement when the day arrives soon.

  7. How exciting! Only a few more weeks to go -- you lucky duck!

  8. Congratulations on your onto fun things, like quilting, sewing, quilting, sewing, grandkids, quilting sewing.....LOL! Have fun!

  9. Your work colleagues will no doubt miss having you around Ruth but retirement is such a busy time. How wonderful to have Jonah and your DIL share the occassion. Fantastic work on the candy canes - they look terrific! Ann :)

  10. Congratulations! I love retirement - just wish I could have done it sooner, like when I was 20 or something. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Congratulations on your my calculations you should be now at home with your feet up! LOL.....Enjoy....I am jealous.....I am hopeful I will be able to think about going part time in another four years.....not bad if you say it quickly! My first GS is Jonah as the pic of your little one peeping over Grandpa's shoulder.....!