Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today, DH & I went on a home tour in a nearby town. I love seeing old homes. This first one was built in 1902.
They had singers singing Christmas carols.
This next house was built in 1900 and has been furnished with period antiques. Beautiful lamps with glass shades and stained glass windows are features along with 3 beautiful mantles.

Everything was decked out for Christmas.

I just can't get enough of visiting old homes. I love to see them decorated like they were when they were built.


  1. Looks like lots of fun, I love old homes! I would love to own one some day. ;) Although, I guess if I stay in mine lone enough it will become an old home!!!

  2. I love that type of outing. The Christmas tree is beautiful! I wish I had the room for a really tall one like that.

  3. Wow What lovely homes. I bet you were so excited looking through them. I know i would be. I would love to own a house from back then. With all the personality that it had then. Beautiful.

    Have a wonderful Sunday


  4. The houses are beautiful, they are lived in I take it? I love the old furniture and it's great to see the decorations.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the pics.....I love old homes and am lucky enough to live in still needs a lot of work but we are getting there....that's one of the reasons I still work full time! LOL.....although when I was tidying up my sewing room I found that I have enough BOMs, patterns and kits to last me a long long I think that is also one of the reasons I still work full time..! I will hopefully have a long and healthy retirement - I will need to to make a dent in the stash!