Monday, November 6, 2023

It's November Already?

I can't believe it is already November and I didn't post anything since August!  That is my longest lapse in posting and my only excuse is that I have been super busy sewing.  This Christmas tree lap quilt is one example of that.  First I made a queen size one for a friend, then I made 2 lap size quilts - one sold.

I also have made some wall "Santa" hangings to sell.  See below.   

Last weekend I was a vendor in Polk County Oregon and have 2 more craft shows this month.  I don't need to make any more things for those, but have other sewing projects to complete.  I am almost finished with a kids quilt that will be donated to the police/fire department to keep in their cars in case they need to remove a child.  That sounds awful, doesn't it.  But it is necessary some times and the guild I go to is collecting quilts at our November meeting,  

Then there is a baby quilt (basted) for my hair stylist.  She is due this month.  She is a sweet girl and I want to make something for her baby.  Oh, and there is a  baby shower at church next Sunday.  I bought some really soft fabric, kind of like minky to make a little blanket.  

I have my Round Robin quilt basted so I can get it quilted in time for the December guild meeting when we will reveal them, plus a kind of large green donation quilt waiting to be quilted.  

My hubby has been having some health problems and we don't yet know if we will be able to travel to see the 2 sons who don't live near us like we had planned to do.  It's hard to make any plans right now.  We really want to see those 2 families, but I could be happy staying home too.  As one gets older, one really doesn't want to travel as much - at least I don't.  

My partner in (crime), I mean business, and I decided we want to make simple aprons to use when we are vending, with Christmas fabric on one side and sewing fabric on the other side.  So, we want to get those done by Friday.  We can easily get Christmas fabric at the local quilt shop and I have some fabric with spools of thread, or sewing machines that we could use for the other side.  (All my Christmas fabrics are small pieces so not large enough for an apron).

Our local son won't be here for Thanksgiving (he'll be working in Montana that week) and I have decided that we will go out to eat for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm getting too old to do all that cooking.  My granddaughter that lives nearby can't eat a lot of regular food and since they  live with his parents, they will eat with them.  We can get together another day, as we like to talk about sewing, etc.  And I can make a gluten free cake for her - she usually brings her food with her.  She loves to sew and does a lot of it by hand.  At times she comes over to use my serger.  Her brother is a student at Notre Dame and probably won't be coming home for Thanksgiving.

I just finished the quilt that I will donate to the police.  Nothing fancy, just 9-patches and it's about 36" square.

I will try to be better about blogging.  I treasure the friends I have made and love it when I take a few moments to read your blogs.  I don't want to lose that.  I will probably still be sewing when I am a 90 year little old lady and will still be making quilts to donate.  I'll still have scraps to sew together!

Happy sewing and blogging!!


  1. I'm happy to "hear" from you again. Love your Christmas forest. As children (and grandchildren) get older and have their own lives, it is harder and harder to organize a family dinner. I appreciate that my boys are still at home. Take care. ;^)

  2. Is that your pattern or published pattern? Dotti in CT

  3. You weren't kidding about being busy sewing! I think you've made up for my lack of sewing with that list! I love the idea of quilts going out with police officers. I wonder if our local police would like something like that? Hmmm... I hope your hubby gets his health issues sorted out quickly. That's always such a pain to deal with. As for Thanksgiving? Well, just plan it another day. The date was arbitrary anyways, right? I hope you do get to blog more often soon, but I understand that life also happens.

  4. Oh I identify with "I will probably still be sewing when I am a 90 year little old lady and will still be making quilts to donate. I'll still have scraps to sew together!" That is my hope as well. Thanks for dropping in. I think my last post was October 7 and I feel a tad guilty too, but am sewing nearly every day. Your nine-patch is lovely!

  5. Welcome back to Blogland! I always enjoy reading what you write. It's good to be reminded about how we can help the community with our sewing. Your donation quilt looks very comforting. We have eaten some delicious Thanksgiving meals offered by a resort near us, though we are planning a small dinner for four at home this year.

  6. Oh you've been so busy! I hope hubby gets his health stuff better so you can still travel. I know you two enjoy that. Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you eat! We have much to be grateful for.

  7. I really like that Christmas tree quilt. You sound super busy with your sewing. I don't know how you do it. I barely get in the sewing room lately, and when I do, I mostly sit and read. LOL
    Good donation quilt. I always say I need to do more of that, but my track record with donation quilts isn't great. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving--sounds rather pleasant. We are hosting, but it is a small group--however, those attending are fraught with food restrictions, so it is interesting covering all the needs.