Saturday, September 29, 2018


Thursday I drove into Portland (1 1/2 hrs) with a friend to the EXPO center for the Northwest Quilting Expo.  We spent the day looking at gorgeous quilts, browsing vendor booths and purchasing things that we just could not resist!

This first quilt is the "Best of Show" quilt and the quilting is amazing.

There were several exhibits and one was a selection of "Gypsy Wife" quilts.  I am showing one of those.  These are really fun quilts!  There were no information sheets with them.

Another exhibit was a collection of quilts in the collection of Sandy Arbuthnot - some of them that she made herself.  The colors in this triangle quilt didn't turn out very well - it was all blues and white.

Sandy Arbuthnot Collection
 She made the Dear Jane quilt herself.  There were a lot more amazing quilts in her collection.

The rest of these quilts were entered for judging.

Tomorrow I will show you more amazing quilts.  


  1. Wow, some nice quilts, sounds like you had a fun day!

  2. This is one weekend I opted to stay home. So glad I can see some of these on your blog.

  3. My, my, that Best of Show is gorgeous! The color arrangement in the Dear Jane is stunning! Glad you had a fun day at the Show! I'm hoping to go to the Stephenville show next weekend. It's nowhere near the size of Portand's but it is always a good show. ---"Love"

  4. Beautiful! There's some really gorgeous gems in this post. Thank you so much for sharing. The last one, although an amazing quilt, is not named properly. With a rack like that, he's not a queen, lol. But it's a gorgeous quilt nonetheless. ;^)

  5. All Beauties!!! Thanks - LOVE the Thousand Pyramids - now that's something that I can do. Elaine Adair

  6. I'm glad you had the opportunity to see one of Margaret Solomon Gunn's quilts in person. She is a fabulous quilter and I've been a follower of her blog for a long time. Someday I hope to see one of her quilts in person.

  7. What a fun day! Stunning quilts. Such high standards.

  8. beautiful quilts! thanks for sharing