Friday, September 22, 2017

Well, my sewing machine is fixed, but I don't have anything to show you because we took a short trip down to Medford OR to see where our DS#1 flies to every day,  On the way we stopped at the historic Wolf Creek Lodge, in Wolf Creek, OR, which was built in 1883.

Over the years many famous people have stayed at the inn, with Clark Gable, his wife, and Jack London topping the list.
Room that Clark Gable stayed in

The state park ranger told us about a ghost town, named Golden, nearby, so we also went there.  I assume the reason it has the name Golden is because of all the gold that was mined there out of the creek.

Church built in 1852.

My son flies freight from Portland, OR to Medford, OR daily in this ATR aircraft, which can carry up to 10,000 pounds of freight.  Below is his picture on the left and his co-pilot on the right.

It was fun being able to see where he goes and get to see the airplane up close as well.

I was able to visit a couple quilt shops accidentally on purpose.  One was Top Stitch, in Medford, which is a Bernina shop, but has a lot of fabric.  The second one was Country Lady Quilt Shop in Roseburg, OR.   Country Lady had a lot of women in there sewing and having way too much fun.   I forced myself to buy some fabric in each shop, but some was for a friend, so I wasn't real bad.  The scenic drive down I-5 is just amazing!

Now I'm trying to catch up and get things back to normal.   


  1. Southern Oregon is gorgeous. We visited Medford, Jacksonville and Ashland one summer. Had the best potato latkes ever in a little cafe in Jacksonville.

  2. Such interesting history. It would have been rude not to buy just a little fabric.

  3. What a neat historical home and the ghost town is so neat! I love creepy things like that.
    Your son is so handsome in his FedEx uniform. Awesome Job.

  4. Looks like an interesting place to visit. Good looking son you have there! ---"Love"

  5. My brother lived in wolf creek for awhile trying to find gold!
    Love that ghost town. If I'm ever that way I need to stop.
    So fun to see your son, looking so official. :)