Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Yes, the Great Oregon Steam-Up is an event held at the Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon, and yes, there is a quilt show there.  At this event, antique steam engine tractors are powered up.  Also, a saw mill powered by steam is demonstrated along with many events such as tractor pull contests.  Plus much, much more!  I didn't see much of that part because I was a vendor at the quilt show which was held in the  new Truck Museum (air-conditioned)!  The quilt show was added to the event to have something special for the women who came with their husbands.  

Here are some of the quilts.

Grandmother's Flower Garden pieced in the 1930s.

Disappearing 9-patch

There was a Quilt of Valor booth there too.
Quilt of Valor

Raw Edge Appliqué
Quilts displayed on antique trucks!

Here's a picture of one of the many steam powered pieces of equipment that were on display and demonstrated.

The wood in the back will be burned to produce the steam.
Thousands of people came to this event and some of them came into the quilt show exhibit.  Of course, lots of men are fascinated with the old equipment, but it's intriguing for children and women as well!


  1. I love how they used that old polished up truck to display a tree and quilts at the show--and old machinery is fun to watch--so thanks for sharing the photos with us-
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. What an interesting show, all around! Lots of pretty quilts there. Grandmother's Flower Garden is spectacular! Of course, I love the QOV too! I vaguely remember when old train steam engines came through my home town; it hard to imagine such power as they had, pulling all those loaded train cars as they chugged along! Then came the Zephyr that roared through so fast that if you blinked, you missed seeing it! Glad you had a good time at the show. ---"Love"

  3. That looks like a fun show. I love the heritage type settings and all the demonstrations that go along with shows like this. The quilts were beautiful too, that first sampler caught my eye especially.

  4. So much to see in this post. Love that horse quilt. OMG I love that horse quilt. Did you put any of your quilts in the exhibition?
    Thanks for sharing. Most interesting. ;^)

  5. A very interesting combination. Clever to have something to appeal to those not drawn to the "main event".
    The vintage GFG really spoke to me!

  6. What a fantastic quilt show! Thanks for sharing lots of lovely quilt pictures. That QOV captured my heart.

  7. thanks for sharing the fun! loved seeing the quilts on the antique trucks.

  8. p.s. how was the food??? ha ha