Sunday, January 1, 2017


Another year is over!  Wow!  A new year to plan for and think about.

Before we get to that, here is one of the baby quilts/wall hanging that I finished before Christmas.  The panel was found at a quilt show that had a "store" of items from the members.  It has a hanging sleeve in case someone wants to hang it up, or it can be a baby quilt.  It hasn't found a home yet.

I made this robe for Abby at the last minute and it fits!

Here is Abby opening her gift from our DS#3/DIL.  A sewing kit!  My DIL sent the box and I helped her fill it with supplies.  The small Altoid tin has pins in it.  Abby is anxious to start sewing more (a friend of hers got a sewing machine for Christmas).  Hopefully, we can get started soon.  With the holiday, some sickness in the family, etc.  we haven't been able to start yet.

Here she is with her robe on.

I haven't really made a complete list of goals, but here is what I have thought of so far:

1.  Secret project
2.  Finish Dear Jane quilt this year
3.  Finish American Crossroads - the blocks are all done.
4.  Continue working on Bowdacious, a Bonnie Hunter design - I have about 12 blocks done.
5.  Make a Christmas wall hanging - "Merry Trails" from the Quiltmania magazine, Dec. 2015.
6.  Make a quilt out of men's shirts for GS for next Christmas - I have Virginia Bound finished for his brother.
7.  Use up fabric - try really hard to make things with fabric I have on hand.

That's enough!  I also want to make lap size patriotic quilts for veterans in hospice - a project from my quilt guild.

Happy New Year to all you dear readers/friends!


  1. You and Abby will have so much fun with her new sewing kit. It will make some memories for her to learn to sew with you. Her new robe is very cute and it fits great! The baby quilt is really cute, panels are fun to work with. You have a lot on your list to do, it is always good to have a plan. I'll be watching to see what you accomplish. Enjoy!

  2. Your granddaughter is so cute and looking more grown up every time you share a photo. How lucky you are that she wants to sew...and sticks with it! Maybe you should teach her to blog, too? :) Your list of goals seems like a good one - I'll be helping cheer you on!

  3. Sounds like you were very busy over the Holidays. Catch your breath, put your feet up, you deserve a break before you start on the 2017 to-do list. A sewing kit for Abby, that's a great idea! Love the robe. Very well done! ;^)

  4. Great goals for 2017. Abby is getting so big.
    Happy new year.

  5. Happy New Year Ruth! How marvellous to have another stitcher in the family. Abby will certainly enojoy any time she spends sewing with you. Her robe is lovely (my she has grown) and your walhanging is so sweet. I look forward to seeing your progress on the list.

  6. Making New Years project lists is always great fun. Panels make great quilts

  7. I'm guessing Abby keeps her robe on as much as possible; it is very cute and so is she! The doggie quilt is cute too. I've not made much a a commitment on 2017 projects yet, but I did think about 2 or 3 I want to get together this year for sure......if I ever get Christmas all packed away! I'm working on it! ---"Love"

  8. what a sweet robe. My mother made one for me and my doll when I was about her age.
    Looks like a good UFO list.