Friday, January 6, 2017


First, the quick finish.  I found this quilt, partially quilted in the ditch, in a "Free" box at a garage sale.  I'm quilting it and will donate it to a hospice for a lap quilt.  I'm about half way finished with the quilting.  I feel like I'm getting back in the groove!

This is something else that I'm working on, but can't show the whole thing.

Now, on to collections.  Someone (now I can't remember who it was) showed her collections on her blog and I decided to show my collections.

This is my vintage pot holder collection which is hanging on the soffit in my kitchen.  These aren't all of them but are most of the good ones.

Santa Collection
 My chicken on a nest collection began years and years ago when my Grandma gave me the pink one in front.  I didn't start adding more to the collection until more recently.

This front view might be better.

 Close up of the clear ones.  I really like this collection a lot.

And, of course, I have a collection of buttons!

Do you have any collections?


  1. I've always admired those chicken in a nest glassware butter dishes (?) but have never acquired any. We have a small collection of Santas and a collection of angel Christmas tree ornaments, Oregon Coast agates, a couple jars of buttons and of course Fabric! Our vintage Singer sewing machine collection has dwindled to six since moving cross country. But I do use all but the toy ones. That is a lovely yard sale quilt. Don't come across too many of those around here.

  2. Love your chickens! I have a few if those too, as well as other kinds of chickens. Then I have some other collections I'll share someday. Hopefully I'll get my mojo going again soon. ---"Love

  3. That's really sweet of you to purchase the unfinished quilt and complete it for the hospice. You are such a thoughtful soul Ruth. Your collections are quite impressive.

  4. Great find on the quilt top!
    Do I have collections? Oh, dear. Anything I like that I think I need more of seems to become a collection. : )
    I really like the vintage potholders!

  5. Lots of collections! Love seeing yours. The little crocheted pot holders are so cute!

  6. I''m glad you rescued the quilt, it is very pretty and someone will love it. Your new project looks interesting, can't wait to see more! I have had some collections in the past. I collected bells for a long time, have a few of my favorites left and donated a bunch years ago. I collect Santa's and Snowmen for Christmas and have a collection of little animals on a shelf. They are fun to have. Your potholders are so pretty!

  7. It's lovely of you to finish that poor unfinished find and donate it. Thanks for sharing your collections. I have a collection of dolls from other countries that my dad started for me when I was little. Unfortunately I have no room to display it, but I can't bear to part with it either, so it is safely stowed away in a chest for now.

  8. Love your collections. I too have a Santa collection, but it's all boxed up now and stored away, lost my display cabinet in a renovation project. I love to look for old thimbles in antique shops. Not the kind that you buy a tourist type places, but actual thimbles you would use. Thanks for sharing


  9. Enjoyed seeing your collections. I have many collections - buttons, sheep, teddy bears, quilts, children's sewing machines, Santas, and vintage kitchen utensils. I might have forgotten some. Thanks for sharing.