Thursday, January 7, 2016

NEW YEAR 2016!?!?!

My sister visited us for the New Year and she left today after one week.  Wow!  Weeks do fly by, don't they?  We had a good time together.  On Tuesday we drove out to the coast to see the Meares Lighthouse.  It is a short lighthouse of only 38' tall, but isn't the shortest one in Oregon.  It was cloudy and kind of cold, but actually pretty nice for viewing the lighthouse and the beautiful coastline there.

Cape Meares, 38'

Haystack Rock, Pacific City, OR

Oregon Coast viewed from Cape Meares
 I have 21 blocks that my grandmother made (probably in the 40s) with feed sack fabrics and I finally decided to get some fabric to put them together.  I hung the fabric on my design wall and placed a few of the blocks on it to show how it will look when I sew the sashing and setting triangles on them.
I'm thinking about using black for the cornerstones.  What do you think?

Here's a close up of the fabric.

I finished Row G of Dear Jane after January 1, 2016 and I'm happy about it.

Here's the first three blocks of Row H.  Hoping to finish the Row this month.

I haven't had a chance to think any more about yearly goals, other than to get as much sewing done as I can - is that a good enough goal?

Hoping that you all have had a good start to the new year and will enjoy more quilting and blogging!


  1. Interesting--I didn't know there were lighthouses that short. My house is almost tall enough to be a lighthouse. : ) Lovely shots of the coast. Haven't been to the Oregon coast in such a long time!
    Just MHO, but I think with such happy, colorful blocks I might want a brighter cornerstone, maybe even just something that matches the background on the flower blocks. But I'm sure it will look good either way.
    Great progress on DJ!

  2. good enough for me as it's mine!

  3. I love the Oregon coast. I have sweet memories of my Grandparents (they lived near Newport)and visiting them, walking along the beach picking up drift wood and agates that Grandpa would make into jewelry after tumbling. I really like watching storms on the ocean too. My high school sweetheart and his friends would go out on dory boats fishing at Pacific City. I went out once - my first time ever on the ocean and was promptly rocked to sleep.
    I have the Dear Jane book but suspect I'd best refrain from ever starting knowing how many other UFOs I have. I've also wanted to do Farmer's Wife....yes, time, whether only 1 week or many more, passes too quickly. Happy you had some time with your sister.

  4. How nice to have your sister visit. I think it's marvellous that you have blocks made by your mum. What a special quilt that will be. Good progress on your DJ blocks.

  5. Pretty blocks your grandmother made, it will be so nice for you to have them set into a top. I like your new years plan, sewing as much as we can sounds good enough to me!

  6. I like the green with the flowers. The blocks are really charming. Way to go on getting those DJ blocks made! You're cruising right along with them.
    I love that photo of you!!

  7. Always fun when a sister comes to stay. Lucky for us, we only live one houre apart from one another. Would love to have blocks my grandma would have made. But no quilting in Holland during those war time times. I think I would use a brighter fabric. Enjoy your day.

  8. Beautiful shots of the Oregon coast. Great progress on Dear Jane and what a great goal to finish a quilt your Grandmother started

  9. Your DJ blocks are terrific! Your Grandmother's blocks are so bright and cheerful. From the the closeup, I saw why you might choose black for the cornerstones; I must admit my thought would have been to use a light, bright color, but probably the black would not compete so much with the pretty flowers. ---"Love"

  10. Hello Ruth !
    Your progress on your DJ is spectacular ! Great work and your blocks are beautiful !
    Love the backing fabric you used with your grandma blocks !
    It's going to be a touching and pretty quilt !
    Happy new year Ruth ! :)

  11. It sounds like you had a great visit with your sister and the photos from the coast are wonderful. I like the blocks your grandmother made, they are all so cute. The background will show them off and I think the black cornerstones will work well. I love quilts with a little black fabric in them. It seems to emphasize all the other colors. I'll be watching to see how you finish this one. Your Dear Jane is coming along, it is a long process, but it is so beautiful. Love all the fabrics you are using. Steady progress is more important than getting it finished fast. It will be worth all the effort!

  12. Nice pictures. I think black cornerstones would be great with these blocks. So glad you're doing something with them.

  13. Happy New Year. Neat beach photos. The holidays is such a great time for family visits. Its the times we remember.
    the flower blocks are charming! How nice that they were made by your grandmother.
    Nice DJ blocks.

  14. Beautiful photos of the coast! And you're doing great with the DJ blocks. They're looking wonderful. And the blocks from your grandmother are such a treasure. Good for you putting them together. I might be afraid to do that for fear of "ruining" them, but I think your grandmother would probably be happy that they're finally getting some attention.