Monday, July 28, 2014


I decided I need to work on some more of my Dear Jane blocks during my last week (hopefully) in the camper.   I strive for - but don't reach - perfection!  Hee Hee!


Yes, an easy double 9-patch in the middle of some very difficult ones!


I really like this next one and it is probably one of the most difficult ones I have done yet.  I didn't get it pressed though.
This first step wasn't too bad - a small reverse appliqué oval.

Sewing the small triangle into the corners had it's challenges.

Uh oh!  I put this one in backwards.  Time to get the seam ripper out.  Good thing it's handy!

These 2 sections now have to be sewn together.

Another Uh oh!  I sewed 2 of the wrong sides together.  Seam ripper time again!

 At least I'm making some progress with Dear Jane.  By the way, if you are working on the DJ quilt, you might want to order baggies of nice scraps from Homestead Hearth.  I ordered 2 bags and got lots of nice fabrics including the ones I used for C-12 and A-10.

Happy stitching and I hope you are staying cool (or warm if you are down under)!


  1. Looks really hard to me. The blocks look great.

  2. My goodness, looking at these blocks makes me think I may never start a Dear Jane! Double 9-patch is definitely more my speed! : )

  3. You did a great job on these blocks! That last one looked so difficult! I am with Janet, I have the book , but I am doubtful if I could do these. I guess you just have to take it one block at a time.

  4. Great blocks as usual. I really love that first one. I have never seen a block like that and it looks so cool.
    Hoping all goes well with the closing and move in.

  5. The blocks look great to me - maybe even perfect! Though I'd be grumbling a lot over that one if I had to rip it out so many times. I hope this is your last week in the camper, too!

  6. Your blocks look great! Even if you did have to use the seam ripper:)

  7. I love your Dear Janes... well done! I just ordered the 200 Block Bible... oh, dear, these block books are addictive! :)

  8. Your blocks look great to me. No doubt you have way more patience than I do! ---"Love"