Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm keeping on sewing in the camper.  Actually, while living in a camper, you don't have a lot of cleaning to do, no yard work, etc.  so there is more time to sew!  I have made a few little quilts that I plan to use on the back of our dining room chairs (6 of them).  I made this top using the left-over black fabric from my basket quilt and various shirtings.  I used only 2 squares from each shirting and a different one for the inner border.  I really love the black and wanted to use it in something else.  The squares finish at 1".

Here's another one that I showed you before and now it is quilted, but not bound.

I quilted a one sided feather in the border.  I love the hooked feathers and used them for this.  I used a dark grey thread that I am using for my basket quilt.

I'm quilting free motion hooked feathers for the basket quilt border without marking any lines.  First I go up on the right side, then sew a line back down to the bottom and then do the feathers going up on the left side.  I'm doing each side like that and I'm on the second side now.  I'm too lazy I guess to mark anything and since the scallops make it easy to make the feather spine curve, it works for me.

The dark grey thread doesn't really show up very well

Quilting from the back
I like to throw in a curly que feather every once in a while, or a fern looking one.  Sorry the pictures are kind of dark - It was early when I took them.

Soon I will be deciding on the name for my basket quilt.  I have received several good suggestions, so I'll pick one of them and let you know when I do.

Happy sewing this week!


  1. nice done Ruth, love those minis!

  2. That quilting looks amazing!!! You are making such beautiful quilts in your small sewing space.

  3. No doubt working on those small quilts is much easier than large ones in your limited space right now, and they are so cute! Your quilting is beautiful, as usual! ---"Love"

  4. If you can do feathers like that without marking, throw away the pen! They're beautiful! The little quilts are sweet, too.

  5. Extra quilting time is good compensation for the longer stay in the camper. You're making good use of the time. Your quilting, as always, is lovely.

  6. Those little quilts are going to look so pretty on your chairs! You certainly do excellent quilting! Very pretty feathers!

  7. so cute! lovely quilting designs.

  8. Nice you got a little extra time for sewing. I hope you are staying cool.
    Love your little quilts!

  9. Love your quilting. Great job. Thanks for the close-ups. I can't believe you get all this done in the space of your camper. You go girl!