Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yesterday I got up early, as usual, and planned to go for a walk after doing a little sewing.  But, then it started to rain!  I was happy because I really wanted to keep working on the "Faithful" block that is Lori's Quilt-A-Long.  Plus, we really needed the rain.

Under my sewing table is a plastic bucket that something came in - I think it was a bed skirt, or something like that.  You know, the kind made out of heavy plastic with a zipper.  Well, I throw extra triangles into that bucket whenever I have some - which is quite often.  

I needed 44 1 3/4" HSTs for the Faithful block and I only had 4 from my other basket of already made up HSTs, so I retrieved the bucket from under the table and started searching for reproduction triangles.  

I found quite a few and started making the HSTs.

I had to get some extra fabric because most of the triangles in the bucket were not reproduction fabric, or were too small.  I tried to use as many different fabrics as I could.  See that brown/beige HST in the lower right corner above?  The dark side with the dark brown and the kind of lacy looking flowers/leaves is one of my favorite fabrics and I think that is the last piece I have of it.  It's kind of sad to use the last piece of a favorite fabric, isn't it?

Some of the triangles were really large, so I just cut them down with this "All-in-One-Ruler."

Here's how my block looks now.  I really like it!

I think there is one more border and then I might add corners to it so it can be an "on point" wall hanging.  I'll think on it some more before deciding.  Any suggestions would be welcome.


  1. I love baskets!!! And yours is a beauty. I think you could add the corners to put it on point, but then you might need another border of HSTs.

  2. Great use for that plastic thingy! Lots of fun to see if I have the same fabrics as yours.

    Keep on keepin' on!

  3. Your little quilt is looking so cute! I thought about doing this one, but I have things I have to finish first. I'm still quilting Lori's medallion sew along quilt. I really like yours, it is going to be really nice.

  4. That is adorable! I love seeing what everyone used as their center block. It really changes the little quilt.
    I'm sad to use a favorite piece of fabric too. I'm glad it is included in this little Faithful quilt.

  5. What a beautiful use of all those scraps! It would be great on point! I'm grateful for the rain too! ---"Love"

  6. I love your block. You do such beautiful work.

  7. My Ruth this one is super cute!!! I've loved seeing what everyone is doing, but yours is my favorite!!

    We've had bunches of rain - haven't checked the rain gauge yet this morning and it rained most of the night!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  8. Fabulous block! Love it! Gosh Ruth you make such wonderful things.