Saturday, May 11, 2013


I finished my display case with my maternal Grandma and Grandpa's memorabilia in it.  There is a picture of them on their wedding day, July 1, 1899, and another picture of them on their 50th wedding anniversary.  Inside the case is their wedding invitation, Grandma's buttonhole scissors, Grandpa's bank book and three items that Grandma made, including crocheted lace that had been on a pillowcase, an appliquéd butterfly quilt block and a pair of mittens.  The printed paper is the text that appeared in the Villa Park Argus in Villa Park, IL (where I grew up) regarding their 50th anniversary.  

My Grandma always was working on something, be it knitting (mittens), crocheting (potholders), tatting (around hankies) or sewing on her treadle sewing machine.  She made mittens and pajamas for her grandchildren, pillowcases trimmed with lace for wedding gifts and hankies - I suppose she gave those to ladies in and outside of the family.  I remember her making an angel food cake from scratch and beating the egg whites with a hand beater made for that purpose.

Grandpa was a carpenter and Grandma was the oldest girl of 13 children.  Both were raised on farms in Minnesota, but Grandpa didn't like farming, so they moved to Chicago where he could get work as a carpenter.  That's how my Mom and Dad met.  Both sets of my grandparents went to the same church.  My Grandpa helped my Dad build our house and then G&G lived with us while Grandpa built his own house near ours.  While he didn't like farming, he did like to have a large garden and I remember him showing me his row of "pop" corn.  I was very surprised that pop corn grew like regular corn.

I volunteered to quilt a donation quilt that someone else had pieced and I got it finished and bound in time to take it to my guild meeting on Monday.  This will be for a teenager and will be donated to Children's hospital.

I quilted it with a loop the loop and put in some dragonflies and flowers from time to time.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Your display box is so nice, what wonderful memories! The donation quilt is so pretty, love those colors and your quilting is wonderful!

  2. What a nice way to preserve the memories.
    Love the little dragonflies in your quilting.

  3. Your display box is beautiful. So is the quilting you did. those dragonflies look amazing. Well done.

  4. Your memory box is marvellous! How fabulous to have such cherished mementoes of your family. You shuld write down your memories of them for your own grand childrean and great grandchildren. Perhaps starting a box of tidbits for them.

    The charity quilt is fabulous love the bright colours and dragonflies in the quilting. Guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the child who receives it.

  5. Lovely memory box!
    The quilt looks so good. You quilting is awesome. The them.
    Happy stitching

  6. Love your memory box!! That is something that I'm sure will be treasured for years and years.

  7. How nice to have such mementos. You did a nice job with the charity quilt quilting. The dragonflies are a great touch.

  8. Love the memory case and, as usual, am in awe of your quilting.