Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last week I found out there was an opening at my guild retreat and I decided to go at the last minute.  I picked up another member of our guild and we arrived in time for lunch on Friday.  I had been at the  retreat center before, but it had been a few years.  It is an ideal place.  There are about 10 bedrooms with 4 beds in each room and I think there are about 6 bathrooms.  

This is the bedroom I stayed in.

A quilt on every bed!

Quilts hanging on the walls in the hallway that leads to the work room.

This is one of the quilts I worked on - Everyday Best by Becky Goldsmith
It was published in a 2006 issue of Quilting and originally published in Quilts with a Spin 2005.

Work room.  Plenty of design walls and plug outlets.

Even a store with lots of fabric!

Below are some of the quilts that other people were working on.  Lots of paper piecing was going on!

Lots of gorgeous quilts being made.

Lots of Stack n Whack quilts too!

I had a great time and made some headway on a few projects which I hope will be finished soon.  Two days away was good and it was good to get home too.

Have a great week everyone!  


  1. I remember when you started those scrappy circles! That is going to be a fun quilt. What a lovely place to retreat...I can imagine getting a lot done in that environmemnt.

  2. That looks like a wonderfully fun place! Lots of beautiful quilts too! Glad you got to go and had such a good time! (Lunch before too long sounds like a good idea also!) Maybe I'll see you at the Dallas show. ---"Love"

  3. Lot of inspiration going on at the retreat and the facility sound perfect for quilters. Hope you got a lot done.

  4. Lucky you! It's always fun to get away with other quilters and recharge!!

  5. I want to go to that retreat center! What a fantastic place! Your Everyday Best is coming along nicely - last time we saw it I think it was maybe one circle? I'll be sure to show my mom yours!

  6. Looks like such a great place for a retreat! What a wonderful work room--and a store? Cool!
    Your quilt looks really good (and really hard to make).
    Glad you got to go. : )

  7. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a couple of days! I know you had a wonderful time...I will be going on my retreat in a couple of weeks...yea!

  8. What a wonderful time! So much inspiration. I'm jealous! LOL


  9. That sounds like so much fun.

  10. what a fun looking retreat!
    I love those circles - very striking.
    Thanks for sharing all the projects.

  11. That whole post was just eye candy! All the lovely quilts. Your quilt is just amazing. I love the circles inside the circles. ( nnot sure how to express what I mean, but you get it right?)
    Lots of fantastic quiltsin progress there. Thankyou for sharing.
    Glad you got to go enjoy the fun!

  12. Great pictures of your retreat! I know you had fun and yes it is always good to get home!