Thursday, July 28, 2011


Last Sunday we stopped in Deadwood, SD per the recommendation of Connie (no blog).  We decided to take the Boot Hill tour which was very informative (it was also only one hour long and cost $8 per person (seniors)).  Some very interesting history went on there back in the 1870-1880s.  I'm glad we went.

Next, we drove to North Dakota and spent the night at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The park is amazing and we were excited to see a lot of buffalo.  The main drawback for camping there is that I got eaten alive by some bugs - I don't know what they were, it wasn't mosquitoes - and I spent a couple miserable nights because of the itching.

Here are some of the buffalo.

This one actually rolled in the dust and I got a video of that.

There were several prairie dog "towns."  They are so cute and will bark at you if you get to close to their home!  They also sit right by the side of the road and don't budge when you drive by!

The old west has a certain fascination, doesn't it?

Thanks for all your comments.  I haven't been able to answer all of them as we don't always have wi-fi access.  We just arrived in Iron River, MI.  This is the town that DH's mom grew up in and we are here to do some family tree research.


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun. I need to do a road trip. DD is moving to LA so maybe I will road trip to see her next summer.

  2. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves and getting to see so much fun stuff;) I love buffalo;) Prairie dogs are cool...we have them living here in the city....a little reminder that nature still exists;)
    Happy Traveling!!

  3. Deadwood? THE DEADWOOD? Where Buffalo Bill was shot in the back in the saloon? How cool is that. Hubby and I watched the HBO series titled Deadwood. I think Bill was also buried on Boot Hill.


  4. Looks liek so much fun! The buffalo is HUGE!!

  5. Holy cow you're far from home! If you come through the lower peninsula of Michigan, I'd recommend the quilt shop in Charlotte, MI - she has lots of civial war reproduction fabrics that I think you'd enjoy!

    Your trip sounds great. I hope it's cooler up where you are, even if the bugs try to carry you away!

  6. This is my first visit to your blog, and I am really enjoying your trip. You are sure seeing lots of gorgeous countryside....and even some quilt shops. Enjoy!