Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jonah ready to go to Mother's Day Out - Notice stick in hand!
One of the first things I wanted to do when we got home was to get caught up on my Civil War blocks.  So I finished up the last 3 blocks.

Below are some paper piecing that I worked on in the camper while we were gone.  This is a perfect "Camper project"  because I just need a bag of scraps and can cut pieces as I go.  I have 5 1/2 of these circular blocks all paper pieced now, so soon I need to start sewing them together.  I blogged about these a while ago here.  I've never pieced curves before, so that will be a new challenge for me.

I joined the Free Motion Quilting Challenge led by Thread Head.  Here is my first try at feathers.  Kind of wonky!  The idea is to practice for 15 minutes every day for 2 weeks, because practice makes perfect. We will see.  Hee Hee!  I am hoping to quilt feathers on the border of my basket quilt, so that gives me good motivation.
Well, I'm going for a walk now.  I need to get back to walking every morning, so see you later!


  1. Jonah looks like he might have been headed for trouble with that stick when you found him... The blocks look great and those crazy circles are coming along nicely. Good luck with the curves! Your feathers look way better than my few attempts, so keep practicing and pretty soon you'll be a feather pro.

  2. what a cutie you have there.

    Love your blocks and free motion quilting...

  3. Oooh! I love those circular blocks! The Civil War blocks are pretty too. I think you did your feathers extremely well! That Jonah is one cute little boy! ---"Love"

  4. Those circles are going to make a beautiful quilt;) And your feathers are looking great;) Practice is key to most anything;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. Your feathers look lovely. Yep, I've found that practice helps so much.

    Love your curved pieces! It's going to be amazing!!

  6. Cool circles! Will you applique them down?


  7. I think you did a great job with those feathers. Those circular blocks are so cool. All the different fabrics make them so interesting to look at.
    Your Civil war blocks are just perfect. I really like your color/fabric choices.
    (Jonah is sooo cute.)

  8. All of your projects are wonderful! Best of all is Master Jonah!!!!! He takes the prize of a huge blue ribbon.

    Thanks for sharing. Carolyn :)

  9. Your Civil War blocks are terrific - I really like those colour combinations. The Circle blocks are fabulous! Great start on your feathers - I'm too chicken to try my hand at those. Ann :-)

  10. Your Civil War blocks look great. The fa ric choices work very well. I can't wait to see the blocks you will make out of the strippy cirtcles. Good luck with the freemotion challenge. I'm told practice is key, but there just aren't enough hours in my day!