Monday, April 4, 2011


We arrived in Florida on Tuesday without a camping site reservation and a couple places we checked were already full!  Spring break going on!  We were very lucky, however, to get a spot just around the corner from DS's apartment!  I had checked with this camp ground before, but it was more than we wanted to pay.  Guess what!  They had lowered their rate!  So now, we're just a stone's throw away - literally!  If the fence wasn't up, we could take the shortcut because the apartment complex is just on the other side.

Here's a few pictures of Abigail at a park climbing on the climbing wall!
 What a big girl!
 Looking down from above.

Shortly after arriving in Florida, our truck starting making a noise.  Uh Oh....   We took it to a mechanic that our DIL has known quite a while and he's going to look it over.  We need it to be in good working order as after this trip, we have a BIG trip planned.

We will be posting more pictures of Abigail soon.


  1. What fun to be so close to your family!!

  2. Looks like you're having a great time. Want to borrow some wire cutters for the fence? LOL. Your granddaughter is adorable.


  3. It looks like fun! How wonderful to find a place to camp that is so close. Hope the vehicle gets a clean bill of health soon!

  4. Hope the truck is not a huge problem and an easy fix! Looks like you are having a wonderful time, Abigale is such a cutie! Enjoy!

  5. Abigail is so cute, and she sure can climb that climbing wall.
    I bet she is happy to have more Grandma and Grandpa time.
    Hope all goes well with the truck.

  6. Hope the truck is fixed by now! What a great place to be, and so near the kids! That's wonderful! Have fun! ---"Love"