Sunday, July 20, 2008

Midlothian Quilt Show

It's 5:00 AM and I can't sleep any more, so I decided to get up and enter another post.  Yesterday, I went to a quilt show with a friend of mine.  Our birthdays are both in July and we always go to lunch, exchange gifts and go to this quilt show.  She is not a quilter, but enjoys going and seeing the beautiful quilts.  I usually get a gift certificate from a quilt shop from her, which makes me happy!

The first quilt is the raffle quilt from my guild - Cedar Hill Quilters Guild.  
We will raffle this quilt off in October.  We picked this quilt because it could appeal to both men and women.  Our guild president, Suzie Harris, also owner of Just Stitchin' quilt shop quilted it and did a magnificent job!  Lots of people worked on the piecing.  I even pieced a little of the paper pieced border!

I couldn't get the pictures in the right positions, but the Christmas quilt is really popular this year.  I know a blogger who is making one and I have seen it in a few shops.

This next one was my favorite from the show and it was stitched and quilted by a man!  He did a beautiful job.  It is based on ME designs and was at least a queen size or larger.

I had to put in this Texas theme quilt!

One of the reasons I couldn't sleep is that I kept thinking about all the projects I need to get done in the next month.  I'm making two Heartfelt Table Runners by Thimbleberries for wedding gifts.  One of the weddings was yesterday, but the other one is in September.  Then, we are going to Oregon to visit DS#1 and family for two weeks and they just moved into a house built in 1885.  There will be a housewarming party for them while we are there and I want to make a wall hanging for that.  My GS (12) wants a quilt for his bed (which my DIL found in a resale or antique shop).  GS likes all things old, so a quilt out of reproductions fabrics is what I am planning.  I bought some fabric yesterday and plan to put a few blocks together to take with me for his approval.

I went to 2 quilt shops yesterday looking for fabric for my GS and my DS#3 & DIL's quilt that I have been planning for a few months.  I haven't gotten too far on that one - it will be a double nine patch also in reproduction fabrics.  The best store for that in the area is Common Threads in Waxahachie, TX.  I was going to take some pictures there, but you can see pictures if you visit their web site yourself.  It is in a very interesting, old town.

My husband just shakes his head when I tell him about the projects I have planned.  I think I'm getting too many projects going.  


  1. Lots of projects going, but deadlines for them all, so you know you will achieve them. That always works for me :o)

  2. Gorgeous eye candy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful Quilts!
    Kind regards,

    Sonnja $ Beertje Zonn
    fom the Netherlands

  4. Love the raffle quilt. And the TEXAS quilt...I had to love that one too.... a little piece of me will always be in Texas.

  5. The Texas quilt is SO BEAUTIFUL!