Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Squirrel Story

Before I go into the squirrel saga, here is my latest stitchery from Capricorn Quilts.  I did the first 4 in blue and decided to do the next 4 in red.  I have the next one ready to start stitching on after I finish the little kangaroo stitchery for the Noah's Ark wall hanging.  That is almost finished (I worked on it while watching Miss Potter last night).
I have 3 pots hanging on the fence in the back yard.  In the summer, I usually put geraniums in the pots (or impatiens) and in the winter, pansies.  As you can see, in the picture below, the squirrels seem to enjoy these pots.  The tree behind the fence is an oak tree and we get tons of acorns in our yard.  The squirrels like to save acorns for future meals, and they found a good place to bury them  - my flower pots.  About a month ago I planted some geraniums in the pots so it would look pretty for the summer.  I would come home from work to find one (or more) of the geraniums on the ground.  Sometimes they pull it out by the roots, sometimes it looks like they chew it off.  I give up!

It looks like he's chewing on the pot in this picture!
This is how my yard looks now.  Empty pots!  I decided to leave them up so the squirrels can play in them.  They seem to enjoy it and we kind of enjoy watching the mischievous little rascals.  
Today I am finishing up a baby quilt for a shower tomorrow.  I will post it when it is finished. I'm not sure I like it or not. 


  1. So do you have tiny oak trees growing in the pots?

    These squirrels, they sure know how to have fun!

    Can't wait to see the baby quilt.


  2. What fun to watch them! I can't wait to see your baby quilt.

  3. Hi, fellow squirrel lover ;-)
    I can't remember whether I have written about this before--if so please forgive me--a sr moment y'know. We live in upper northern CA with the semi arid terrain, oaks and lotsa squirrels whose behavior seems much like their Texan cousins'. One thing that has helped me with the pots is to cut discs of chicken wire of a size to match my pots, leaving several inches of extra width to shove down into the pot soil. Chiken wire is easy to work with. Cut a circle(s) just big enough to get your plant roots through. Be sure to use one piece of wire. If you try to put one piece on one side of the plant and another one on the other side, the lil varmints can claw it up and out. It's a pain in the neck, but it has worked for me. I have a half-barrel that I need to wire up and replant. That will be a hassle because it will require umpteen holes in it.
    Good luck in your squirrel wars!

  4. What a funny story! Those are great squirrel pictures too. And man, you've been busy doing some stitching too -- they all look so pretty!

  5. I, too, like to watch squirrels, they seem to be having such a good time. We have a couple of chipmonks that live under a storage building off our patio, I love to watch them also, but they are usually out earlier than I get up...LOL
    Anxious to see the baby quilt. I know it will be very pretty.

  6. I love your squirrel I would leave the pots empty if it meant that he would visit again.

  7. That little squirrel is just gorgeous, do they eat any of your plants? How cute to sit and watch them play,

    Love Leanne

  8. Bravo for the beautiful squirrel. So glad you are among those who treasure the natural whimsy and cleverness of nature's own best athletes. There is no way you can have a bad day watching a squirrel have fun!
    Will you stitch a squirrel quilt?