Tuesday, January 10, 2023


 I have been very bad lately, and I'm blaming it on the holidays.  Things didn't go as planned due to the Portland Airport being closed, so we had our Christmas dinner on New Years Day.

My grandson, Jakob.

My granddaughter, Angela

Angela with the "horse" pincushion that my sister gave her

Angela is my first grandchild and Jakob is her brother.  They are my oldest son's children and they live nearby, except now Jakob is going to Notre Dame for a master's degree.

I will be a vendor at this quilt show in 2 weeks.  If you are in the area, I hope you will come to the show!

I made a few Tool Caddies to sell at the show.  It holds some supplies that you will need at a retreat or workshop.

I made them out of a few different fabrics.

I also finished a 50" square quilt that is made with 9-patches that I received from a block swap arranged by Barb (Fun with Barb) in Connecticut.  I've had these blocks sitting in a bin for several years and finally decided to do something with them.  

I did show the top before, but now it is quilted and bound.  I used Barb's Large Single Baptist Fan Stencil for the quilting on this quilt.  I love the stencil and have used it on a lot of quilts.  Her Etsy shop is Fun With Barb if you want to check it out.

I couldn't resist getting this mug for Angela for Christmas.  She loves to sew, so it was perfect for her, even if she probably didn't need another mug.

Here's what is on the back of the mug.

Here's hoping that I can get another post done soon.  I should at least be able to send pictures of quilts from the quilt show!


  1. The mug is perfect and your grandkids are...well, a bit too old to be cute or adorable, right? Good looking kids...doesn't have the same ring, but you get the idea. I'm sorry Christmas had to be postponed, but at least you got to do it. (We had to postpone too, due to illness.) Hooray for a quilty finish - it's a beauty!

  2. Two good looking young people!
    I hope you do well at the Quilt Festival. Those are good looking tool caddies.
    A nice finish with the swap blocks! I am currently using Barb's stencil on a quilt, but my shoulder was bothering me, so I haven't worked on it for a while. Yours turned out very well.
    I got a kick out of the mug. :)

  3. Nice job on the finished quilt! I love it! So good to get together with family no matter the date! Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

  4. I'm so glad you aren't sick or laid up with a large bone fracture! You have just been busy conquering the stresses of the holidays. Marvelous!

  5. Happy New Year Ruth! Those are charming granchildren you have. Notre Dame is a distinuguished institution I believe. How wonderful that your grandaughter loves to sew. She may have a lot of mugs, but I think this one will always be special. I think your tool caddies will be a hot seller at the show. The nine patch quilt is lovely and a good finish. Wish I could visit the show. Have fun!

  6. Happy New Year Ruth! A get together with family is fun any day you can get together. Your grandchildren are nice looking young people and it looks like they had fun! Have fun at the festival, looks like you have been busy getting ready and I also love your quilt! Can't go wrong with fan quilting.