Tuesday, September 13, 2022


 I have been a really bad slacker again!  However, I have been busy.  Saturday, I decided to make a list and set some priorities.  I won't bore you with the list, but just let you know there are a lot of items on it.  Things that I need to get finished, some of which go back a long way.  I'm not going to set an impossible goal, like getting this all done before the end of the year or anything.  I just wanted to be aware of them.  I also need to organize my fabric stash so I can find things easier.

Here are some of the things I have been working on.  This cat quilt is basted and just needs to be quilted and bound.  I have made several of this quilt and have sold them.

This Christmas quilt was a BOM at my guild.  I made 2 of some of them in order to have enough for a larger quilt.  It's not large enough for a bed, more like a couch lap quilt.  I need to add a border.

I just realized that I have this red/gold fabric (that I got at a garage sale a couple weeks ago) and I think I'll use it for the border.

This last one will be a donation quilt to a  place that takes in battered women and their children.  My guild makes mostly twin size quilts because everyone that comes in there gets a quilt for their bed and gets to keep it when they leave.  I need to get a backing for it and get it finished.  I have 2 more donation tops that I'm working on - all scrappy.

The weather is changing!  Yea!!  No more 90º temperatures!  DH is making progress slowly from his mini stroke and we are starting to think about plans for the holidays.  Happy fall everyone!


  1. Making a list is always a good option for me, even if I lose it or forget about it or just plain ignore it when a squirrel happens along! It makes me feel more organized for a bit at least. Your quilts are all beautiful, as always, and the one for the womens shelter is such a nice thing. We have a shelter here, but sometimes they choose to sell our donated quilts on Ebay, giving them money for many blankets instead, but my guild has decided that is bad, so we no longer donate to them. While I understand that our intention was for it to go to a single person, to wrap them in love and kindness, I also understand about helping as many people as possible. Maybe I should just donate by myself...hmmm...uh oh, there goes that list!

  2. I too make list of what needs to be done just so I'm aware of what's ahead. You are working on beautiful quilts. The red/gold fabric would be perfect IMHO. Love your string quilt is very interesting. I haven't seen this layout before. Love it. I might have to copy that. I'm happy to know that DH is getting better. Even if it's a slow progress, it's still good news. Take care. ;^)

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