Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 In my June 2 post, I talked about making strip blocks and told you about my LQS's special 25% off for quilter's birthday week.  I finished the strip block top and it is now ready to baste.

This will be a twin size donation quilt that I will keep until it is needed.  The border is 4" wide.

On Monday I went to my LQS, Boersma's, for my birthday shopping trip.  Here are some pictures of the fabric that I bought.

The first three on the left above will be for the quilt I'm making with 18" blocks that I worked on in Florida.  It was pictured a few blogs ago.

The fabric on the left above will be used in a queen sized quilt.

Some of the fabrics I bought are needed to finish quilt tops.  I also purchased 3 yards of white and some white grunge, which you can see in one of the pictures.  I got some good advice from one of the workers at the shop.  She is excellent for helping me pick out fabrics to go with other fabrics.  I love the colorful leaves and will be making some zippered pouches with them.  

Right now, I need to get busy and do some basting.  Besides the strip quilt I have a BOM lap quilt to baste and another lap size quilt.  

I have a question about civil war reproduction fabric.  This is my favorite type of fabric and most quilt shops have a section set aside just for this category.  How do we know that the fabrics in that section are actually a reproduction of some civil war era fabric (or any other year repro)  when it doesn't say anything on the fabric?  Is there a way to find out for sure? 

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Yamhill County Fair to see if my quilt entries have won anything and to see all the other quilts that were entered.

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  1. Ooohhhh! What a fun trip! You got some nice fabrics and now I get to watch what they become! Maybe not as fun as sewing with them myself, but much less time-consuming! Happy birthday!

  2. Wish I could be of help with your question about civil war repro fabrics, but my quilts are usually a mix of eras. For awhile I had a small stash of Barbara Brackman's fabrics but that is dwindling. I try to compare unmarked fabrics with those I have looking for similarities but that's about it. Good luck at the fair, hope you see some blue ribbons on familiar quilts! And take lots of photos.

  3. Good luck with your faire entries. You bought some beautiful fabrics. I look forward to seeing the projects you make with them.

  4. String quilt is on my list of things to do/complete

  5. The strip quilt is quite striking and what a terrific haul of fabrics! The leaf print is especially nice. When I was looking for CW fabrics for a quilt I went onto the Internet and researched the fabric range to see if it was reproduction or inspired.

  6. It's always exciting to go find out whether your show quilts won ribbons; I'm betting yours did! I really like the fabrics you bought; can't wait to see what you do with them! I don't really know much about determining if a fabric is really Civil War Reproduction. I haven't bought much in that area since 2010-2011, back when everyone was making those quilts that celebrated the end of the Civil War. I just trusted my shop owner to say a certain group in her store were indeed Civil War Reproduction fabrics. I bought a lot back then and made all of the 54 blocks that were online each week. Then I stored them away, and just this year got them all together, and got together the special backing I bought back then too. Now I've laid it aside because of health reasons. Maybe before the end of this year I'll get them together and ready to quilt. I may have to consider having someone else to quilt the monster for me, but I really hope I be able to do it my self. I have to tell you I put my blocks together with the same layout of yours, and I think it turned out well. ---"Love"

  7. Lots of pretties on your post today. That leaf fabric really caught my eye, beautiful colors and design.

  8. great string quilt the color pallet is great.
    I used to have the same question on the repro issue. I never did a great answer. If it is from leading repro manufacturers is probably is an authentic repro.