Friday, October 25, 2019


One of my cousins came to visit from New York City!!  She and her hubby had never been to Oregon before and were on their way to a conference in Newport.  We were able to spend most of one day together.  Of course, I had to clean house first !!  But, we were so busy talking she probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't cleaned.  They came over for dinner and besides myself and DH, our son & grandson were here.  We didn't stop talking until they had to leave.

Sometime, in the past, she bought these blocks at a sale in New Hampshire (probably 40 years ago) and she never got around to sewing them together (nothing new there, right?).  I thought some of you might have a guess as to when these fabrics were made.  I'm thinking 30s.  There are 49 of the X blocks.

There are 12 9-patch blocks and a lot of them have pieced sections like this one.

Then there are these appliquéd panels, but they are not finished either.  They are appliquéd on a printed panel and there are stains as well.  Maybe I can cut out the good sections and make something out of them.

This one has pieces pinned to where they go - and I'm sure they have been pinned for at least 40 years!  I don't know what I will do with these.  She said I can do whatever I want to do.

 During the summer I started these socks for my 2 younger grandsons (ages 8 and 11).  I just finished them and sent them with their Halloween cards.

I have been very busy sewing for Christmas craft shows, so I haven't done much blogging.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Terrific blocks! Love that x pattern!! The applique is really pretty too.
    Love those socks!!

  2. What lovely treasures your cousin brought you! The X blocks are also known as Old Italian blocks and most of those fabrics look older than 30s to me. The appliqued panels are from a kit and it's really too bad it got separated. If you have all of the panels, when they're sewn together they make a bed size quilt top. If you have some solid fabrics in colors that closely match, you could use the pieces that are just pinned down to make patterns and finish the top. It would be gorgeous!

  3. Wow--you were well-gifted. :) The X-block is on my bucket list.
    My first reaction was that the fabrics may be a bit older than 1930s, but I am no expert.
    Very pretty applique. I'm sure you will find a way to use them to make something beautiful.
    Great looking socks, Ruth!

  4. Nice vintage blocks with those plaids.
    Pretty applique' too looks like it was a kit maybe?
    wow those socks are so cute for fall Im sure you GS will love them.

  5. What fun gifts, those X-blocks will be fun to play with. The applique is so pretty, too. The socks are made form really pretty yarn. Those will be so warm! Glad you had such a nice visit, family is everything!

  6. They are in good condition after 40 years. I'm sure you will think of a way to make them into something special.

  7. It sounds like you enjoyed your cousin's visit. I'm sure you will have fun turning those blocks into a treasure.