Thursday, July 11, 2019


Some frustrations last week and I had to take my Janome to get worked on.  I hope I get it back soon. Luckily, I have a Featherweight, so I'm able to sew, however, I really need to QUILT!  And I use my Janome 6600 for that.  I have 5 things basted right now - small things, but still.

Here is my Featherweight.  As you can see my sewing table overlooks the back yard and the shed back there.  Last week I was sitting at the sewing machine and heard a noise.

I looked out the window just as a huge branch from the maple tree next door fell down into our yard.  Luckily (again), our neighbor cleaned it up (with some help from DH) since it is his tree.

 After finishing American Crossroads (here), I thought I better see what large project to work on next.  So I got out my Moda Blockheads blocks (from 2017) to see what I have.  I put them all up on my design wall and here they are.  I have 53 of them.  Some of them I skipped (just a few) and others I liked a lot so I decided to make 2 (or 3 or 4) of them (usually because they were easy ones).  And, because I want to make a queen size quilt out of them.

This quilt below, Patchwork Barn, was made by my quilt guild to raffle off with the benefits going to the Yamhill County Heritage Museum.  I donated a few of my blockhead blocks for it.  I do love this quilt -  it was designed by Edyta Sitar.  I am thinking I would like to make this quilt with my blocks.  I might not have enough so I may need to make more.  But I could also make the column spacers wider or add some solid squares in the columns.  I will figure out something.

Lots of people add photos of local wildlife to their blog posts, so here is my most recent photo, taken yesterday on my walk.  This snail was crossing the street, very slowly.  He's about 3" long.  I was going to add a photo of some deer, but I've done that before and couldn't find my most recent photo.

My DS#1 has a new toy - at least it looks like one.  It's a one seat airplane.  Yesterday he flew over our house with it!  Don't worry, he wasn't very low - in fact he was so high I could barely see it.  Also, he is a pilot for FedEx and very experienced.

That's about it for today.  I'm hoping to get my Janome back soon so I can get some quilting done. 

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  1. Oh no, not the sewing machine! (And I'm glad the tree looks to have done no damage.) Thr blocks look great and I love that setting. I'm sure you'll figure something out - maybe even make a few more of the easy/favorite blocks? That plane looks very futuristic, like from the Jetsons! (Then again, what year were the Jetsons supposed to be living in...we're that generations future right now, aren't we?!) And the snail is very cool. Most of my wildlife is the crazies that live within my house!

  2. I think the Edyta Sitar pattern would make a gorgeous quilt with your blocks. That is surely a tiny plane!

  3. Hope your machine is back soon. I have a back-up machine, too, but I prefer sewing with the newer Brother. My old machine is good, but I like the features on the newer machine best. Glad to hear there was no big damage done by the branch, that is a big one! Your Blockhead blocks look great and the barn quilt is pretty amazing. It will be fun to see how you put your blocks together. That snail is pretty but also pretty big! Your son's plane is a cutie, hope he has lots of fun flying it.

  4. What a pretty plane!!

    Your blocks look great and I know you could figure out a similar setting as the raffle quilt, which is super!!
    That snail looks cool!!

  5. A machine in the shop is indeed very frustrating! Hope you get it back soon so you can get all that quilting done. It will be fun to see how you put your Moda Blockheads together. Mine are together, but I can't seem to want to quit it; can't decide how to do it. The Guild quilt turned out very pretty. Your son's plane is one snazzy machine! Hope he enjoys it a lot, and I'm sure he will. I see lots of snail shells around here, but rarely do I see one crawling. That one is actually very pretty, isn't it? Stay after your machine repairman! ---"Love"

  6. I feel your pain. I love piecing on my featherweight, but quilting--not so much. Even straight line quilting on my minis doesn't go as well on my featherweight.
    Patchwork Barn looks like it would be a great use for your blocks.
    I never see snails that large around here.
    That is a pretty little plane--looks like a very large canary. :)

  7. yes it is difficult when you have to give up your right hand. it is always nice to visit other machines though to keep them tuned as well. it is amazing what you see in your wild life! snails are plenty here, 3 inches is a good size!! we don't mind seeing more pictures of deer they are lovely! well when the right hand comes back we can't wait to see the new quilts that will be quilted.

  8. It is difficult when not able to do what you want or need to when your best machine is not working. Thanks for sharing the other interesting happenings. That was one BIG snail.

  9. I'm glad the tree damage was minor and your neighbor helped clean it up. Hope your machine recovers quickly!

  10. I have a friend whose son flies for fedex too! cool plane.
    Nice raffle quilt, fun to see all those blocks pulled together.
    Hope your machine is back and humming along.
    hope that snail made it safely.