Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I've been keeping busy making items to sell such as the snowball and sunflower table runners below.

I couldn't resist taking  this picture by my clamatis plant.  The sunflower table runner has 4 squares of sunflowers and is about 48" long.

Last year my sister asked me to sell some items for her on Ebay.  Two of the items are crocheted tablecloths that one of my Mom's friends crocheted for her and my sister didn't have any need for them,  I don't have a need for them either.  I procrastinated for about a year before I decided I better get busy and wash them as they each had a few stains.

My friend "Love" from has blogged about soaking vintage linens in her bath tub, so I got some advice from her (it's also on her blog I think) and put them in the tub to soak with BIZ (I didn't have the other kind).  I really was amazed at how much dirt came out of them and the stains really don't show any more.  You can see some staining in the one below, but after it hung in the sun most of the day I really couldn't see it any more.  Thanks, Love!

I'm also making a family of Amish dolls.  I had bought the panels for them years ago at a garage sale and thought I might have given them to a thrift shop, but lo and behold, I came across the panels while looking for some other fabrics!  So I decided I would try to get them made up and I am almost finished. The directions printed on the panel aren't the greatest, but I think they will be cute.

I'm having trouble getting pictures of the dolls to load on my computer, so I can't show them now.

I have a bag under my sewing table where I toss triangles from various projects.  Every once in a while I will take some time to match them up and square up into HSTs.

Bag full of triangles

These are the ones that I made last week with triangles from the bag.  These then go into bags marked with the various sizes.  If I ever need some HSTs, I always check the baggies of the size needed.  I used some of these for the quirky little quilt that I made and posted about here.

Yesterday we had a lovely rainy day - the first one since before Easter.


  1. I'm glad the soaking process worked for you. After seeing the tablecloth you soaked, I may get nervy and soak the similar one I have that my aunt made prior to the 1950's. I'll post about it soon, probably before I try soaking it. I'm curious; did you lift it from the tub with a sheet, and did you lay it flat out to dry? I was surprised to see it hanging. Great idea you have for saving little triangles. I've saved several in times past, but have never done anything with them. Maybe someday! Meanwhile, I continue cutting embroidery pieces 'into pieces'. ---"Love"

  2. Those tablecloths are beautiful, but like you, I would have no use for them. I'm sure someone will treasure them. The little dolls sound cute and I hope you can get a photo to load eventually! As for the're a brave woman to just throw them in a bag. If I did that, they'd end up in the trash! (I sew that second seam to get the whole square unit, but even then wonder what is wrong with me and why I can't just toss it!)

  3. Both table runners are so pretty, I love the blues in the snowballs and the sunflowers look so happy! The tablecloths did come out nice. It is amazing how much dirt washes out of old items. They look great. That is a great idea for the triangles and making them into HST for later projects. The work well in scrappy quilts! Lots of variety. Sounds like you are keeping busy!

  4. Those crochet pieces are stunning! I do like the sunflowers in that runner and those clematis are fabulous. The blooms are huge and such a gorgeous colour. There's a mountain of triangle offcuts from my current project. Too many and too good to throw away.

  5. Nice table runners. I do the same thing with my triangles. Hugs

  6. You have been keeping busy. Nice job on the table runners.
    I love the crocheted tablecloths. Too bad there isn't a family member of the maker that would treasure them. My Mom crocheted a bedspread in the early 60s and it is a family heirloom.
    I am anxious to see your Amish doll family.
    I use HSTs as leader/enders by my featherweight. Friends give me theirs when they don't want them. They know I will do something with them. :)

  7. Love the crocheted spreads!! My mom used to do those as well and I have a few I treasure!!