Thursday, March 10, 2016


I'll get the frustrations out of the way first.  I've had issues with my IMac for several months and have talked to Apple support quite a few times.  They have reconfigured my computer, but not everything was fixed and I kept putting off calling them again because it always takes forever.  Well, yesterday I finally forced myself to call them and it looks like things are just about fixed.  It wasn't that I couldn't use the computer, but one of my most important genealogy files was missing (its found now!) and some photos are still missing.  So tomorrow one of the senior agents is going to call me back and hopefully get that fixed.

The other frustration was just getting all my income tax stuff put together and that is almost finished, so I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Yea!

Here's the civil war Westering Women's block from Barbara Brackman's Civil war blog for February. It was a very easy block.  I'm planning to make all the blocks red, white and blue.

I found this doll bed at an antique shop and couldn't resist it.  DH is going to fix it up and either refinish or paint it.  I came across the green stripe at a quilt show vendor's booth and thought it would be perfect to cover the mattress.  I plan to make a quilt for it and a pillow and will sell it, hopefully, next December.

Now that my "issues" are almost resolved, I think I'll work on my Dear Jane blocks for March!

Spring is almost here!


  1. Computer issues and taxes--not happy subjects. But that cute doll bed is a very happy thing! Love it!!

  2. Hope your issues are for sure settled soon; things like those can drive us all crazy! The doll bed is so, so cute. Someone will want that for sure. I know it will be more work to refinish it rather than paint it, but I hope you don't paint it. Oh, and I love the Civil War block; the fabrics are gorgeous! ---"Love"

  3. Must be something in the air! I woke up to computer issues too. Thankfully hubby has resolved it ( least it's working!) Our printer wouldn't stay online for about a week, then my son needed to print an 11-pg project and after that, the printer is behaving normally. Confounds me!
    Your block is gorgeous and what a cute doll bed. I know you've lost an antique place up there (Adams St.) - the owner was the husband of one of my high school classmates & he passed away.

  4. I hope the computer woes are resolved by now! Love your WW block. Nice find!!

  5. The stripes are the perfect scale to be the ticking cover of the dolly mattress. It looks better already!

  6. great WW block. You just can't beat RW&B.
    I have a similar doll cradle from my childhood.