Friday, November 13, 2015


The trees have been beautiful this fall, but now the leaves are falling fast.  This picture was taken about a block from where I live and it's a maple variety with tiny leaves.

I participated in a Bow Tie Block Swap organized by Barb at Fun with Barb.  Here are the 4 1/2" blocks I received recently - all 82 of them plus 2 mini blocks from Barb.  I sent in 82 blocks that I made and then Barb distributed the blocks she received from everyone and we got back blocks made with a huge variety of fabrics.  Amazingly, most of them were with fabrics I had never seen before!  Now I just have to figure out how I want to make them into a quilt!

This "I Spy" quilt is a cheater cloth that I won from my guild in Texas a few years ago.  I decided it was about time to get it put together to donate.  It was very easy to quilt as I just quilted along the lines and I like the way it turned out.  I didn't even have to put a border on it.

The backing fabric is some that my GD gave me - I think she got it at Good Will - and it is perfect for this quilt!.

This is what I have on my design wall now.  I saw this pattern, Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers  by Jan Patek several years ago, ordered the book and started it.  Then, it went into a box and sat marinating for a couple years.  I'm finally making some progress on it - I just added the pieced border and the skinny 1" inner border.  I have the final border cut and it needs to be appliquéd with a vine, oak leaves and flowers.  I was hoping to get it finished this month, but kind of doubt I'll make it, with the other things I have to do.  BTW, it will measure 78" square when finished.

Oak Leaves & Turkey Feathers
I finished the table runner that I showed you in my last post.  It is all quilted, bound and listed in my Easy shop.

In the mean time, I also quilted a queen size quilt and have been working on that.  I'll probably set it aside to work on the Oak Leaves & Turkey Feathers border.

Today, I'm going to a local craft fair and then to a quilt show and Artist tour in Willamina, OR, a town west of here.  I've never been to that town before, so it should be fun as I love seeing small towns.  I hope you have a nice weekend!  Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. I love that table runner with your pretty quilting, but that Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers looks complicated! Leaves are beginning to turn here, with morning temps in the 40's this week, but it warms up to upper 60's by noon. I'm going to the Crowley show Saturday. Hope we both have fun and see lots of pretty quilts! ---"Love"

  2. I love the quilt on your wall! I'm sure it will be finished soon:)
    The i spy fabric is perfect and so fun! I'm sure someone will absolutely love it.

  3. Firstly, in reverse order...

    I love the quilting on your runner.

    Secondly, have you checked out my bow tie quilt? It was the result of a swap.

    Thirdly...marinating! That is the exact term I use.

  4. McMinnville is so beautiful in the fall. Seems like there are a good assortment of colorful trees so the color lasts far longer than it does in these parts. You will like Willamina, interesting little town, and there's a very active quilt guild there. Lucky you with those gorgeous bowtie blocks - I love bowtie quilts. And the fabrics in those blocks is just luscious. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Oooh bow ties and fall leaves. Lovely. A sweet I Spy quilt and a charming Jan Patek project. Quilting, mats and a visit to a quilt show. What a terrific week!

  6. What a beautiful flaming tree!
    That is a great bunch of bow ties. I'll be interested to see how you set them.
    The cheater cloth made a very fun quilt.
    Your oak leaf project is very nice. I have a few of those projects that I began with great enthusiasm and then they got buried. Feels nice to be finishing one, I'll bet.
    Very nice quilting on your runner.

  7. I like the Oak Leaves & Turkey Feathers. I think I started this same design at some time. It is either in the sewing room closet or I donated it.

  8. Wow! What wonderful projects!! Every one is very special!! What a treat to get so many different fabrics in your bow-ties. It'll be a fun one for sure!

    Hope you had fun on your little adventure to a neighboring town!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  9. I love the bow ties! Sounds like a fun swap. The blue fabric in that one is gorgeous. The I Spy quilt turned out really cute, someone is going to love it. Your Oak Leaves quilt is going to be beautiful.

  10. gorgeous tree!
    looking forward to seeing how you set the bow ties. The variety was incredible!
    love your runner and the Turkey Feathers is a wonderful fall quilt!!
    fun eye spy quilt for someone.

  11. You have been busy with some beautiful projects. I love the bow ties, they will make a wonderful quilt! The I Spy turned out great and the backing is so cute, someone is going to love it. The Jan Patek quilt is beautiful, I am glad you are working on finishing it. It is a perfect fall quilt. The table runner is beautiful, too. Your quilting is amazing and really makes the runner. I am anxious to see more of what you are working on!