Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Saturday was a special event at the Yamhill County Historical Society & Museum just about a mile from our house.  The quilting guilds were asked to bring quilts to hang along with a lot of antique quilts.  I spent the morning there with white gloves on helping anyone who wanted to look at the back of the quilts, talking with some sweet ladies and telling them about the guild I belong to.

All of the quilts here are newer quilts.

This 9-patch was made by a fellow member of my quilt guild.  She said she made them with her Grandma years ago and only recently put them together and hand quilted it.

I really like these two stack and wack quilts They go together on twin beds.

Be sure to read the label below this long cabin quilt.  Susan Foote is the president of my guild and it was made by her DH's grandmother.

Made by Susan Foote
 There are historic "rooms in part of the museum, such as this general store.

It was a beautiful day and lots of fun!  


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, so sorry we missed the show by only a day. It was great to see you again yesterday, and I had a great time at Boersmas adding to the stash :-)

  2. What a fantastic story about the parachute quilt. They were highly coveted for wedding dresses and lingerie. All the quilts are terrific and the stack and whack have great colour.

  3. Looks like a fun event.
    Loved the parachute story. And Susan's bargello quilt is incredible!

  4. Hmmmmmm-----I thought I had left a comment here; don't know where it went. Anyway, that must have been a fun day for you, getting to show the backs of such lovely quilts, etc. It looks like a very interesting place to spend the day. Glad you had the opportunity. That bargello quilt is really special!---"Love"