Thursday, June 11, 2015


We are home from our trip now!  We were gone a little longer than we had planned, but had a wonderful visit with sons, DILs and grandkids.  We helped one GS celebrate his birthday.  My DIL is an expert at decorating cupcakes.  He wanted ninja cupcakes and you can see them below.

For his birthday, my 7 year old GS got to pick what he wanted for supper.  The picture is below:  Rice, Salmon and grapes.

I took better pictures of my DJ blocks after I pressed and trimmed them.







I had prepared some easy appliqué for the trip, so now that I am home,  I better get going on some of the PP blocks.

When I participated in Julie's Binding Blitz for the end of May, I was selected as the winner for that month (random drawing).  She sent me these FQs, 2 half yard pieces  and I think the polka dot is a fat 8th.  These are wonderful and are fabrics that I don't have (except I used to have the polka dot).  Thanks so much, Julie!

It's SOOOOO good to be home again!  Our bed always feels so great after a trip - I think we could do commercials for Temperpedic.  Now I just have to get everything put away so I can start using my sewing machine more.  I really missed it while I was gone.  


  1. Looks like your GS chose a healthy and tasty dinner! Your applique blocks are just beautiful, and so are those new fabrics you won. Looking forward to seeing your DJ together. You must be getting close to having enough blocks, right? Glad you got home safely after so much fun. ---"Love"

  2. Salmon? Interesting choice for a 7 year old! Hope he had a great day. I love your Jane blocks! Funny the appliqued ones were my favorites. I'm not much for miniature piecing so I appliqued whenever I could on all my blocks. Jane clearly loved piecing more than me! Love you fabric choices too.

  3. I'm not sure which looks better--the cupcakes or the fabrics

  4. Good job on the Dear Jane blocks. Look at you go!!
    What a lovely collection of fabrics you received from sweet Julie.

  5. I believe those are the very first ninja cupcakes I have ever seen! Very ingenious! I thought salmon was an interesting choice for a seven year old, but an excellent choice. Trips are fun, but it is always so nice to be home again. Your DJ blocks look wonderful!

  6. That was a nice, healthy meal your grandson picked out for his birthday.

    Love your blocks and I'm glad that you're back home again with good memories.

  7. Delicious birthday treats. Your DJ blocks are super - I so want to make a Honeybee block quilt. I agree, as nice as it is to travel, there's no place like home.

  8. I hear you on the temperpedic - love ours. Best thing for my back after a few hours of quilting. Great applique DJ blocks. I know there's no DJ in my future - no patience!

  9. I love his dinner choice! Goes to show if kids are growing up with simple healthy foods for the most part that is what they'll choose to eat :)

  10. Hmmm, I like salmon, but those cupcakes are so cute! Hope he had a great day! Your little DJ blocks are adorable, that will be a beautiful quilt. The fabrics that you won are all wonderful, you will make some pretty things with those. Glad you are home safe and sound. Now to rest up after the trip.

  11. Salmon is a excellent choice but so unusual for a kid who is 7 !
    Great if he loves it !!
    Your DJ blocks are so cute ! And I love the fabrics you used !!
    Hugs !

  12. welcome back. I love that Birthday dinner and those cupcakes are so fun!!
    great fabrics - have fun!

  13. I always let me kids choose their birthday dinner. What a great meal....I love the grapes instead of veggies.
    I bet you are glad to be home!