Sunday, March 30, 2014


I have spent all my sewing time this week quilting the 25th anniversary quilt and finally yesterday I finished...not the whole quilt, but all the brown, which is most of it.  I'm taking a break from it today to get some Dear Jane blocks prepped and seeing what fabric I want to use for them.  I discovered I have LOTS of pink and purple, and not as much brown as I thought.  Hmmm.  I may need to get more fabric for this quilt.

Here are a couple pictures of my quilting.


I still need to quilt all the navy blue squares and setting triangles.  There are 31 9-patch blocks with 4 blue squares each, but I don't think it will take too long.  I think I know what I will do in them, but we shall see.  Sometimes, it doesn't look as good as you thought it would and you need to change to Plan B or C.

Yesterday was a meeting of "Janiacs" from my guild.  Would you believe there are about 20 of us who are seriously starting the Dear Jane quilt?  Just from our guild?  It's kind of crazy.  I finally finished the A-7 block - I cut the first one too small and had to remake it.


I put the fabrics that I might use in the DJ quilt in this old wood bin that I got at a garage sale.  Of course, they are all civil war reproductions.

I got about six blocks prepped this morning.  Some are super easy and others are difficult paper piecing blocks.  I think I'll try to get a couple easy ones done this afternoon.  I want to try to do at least 3 per week, I think.  I don't have a deadline, but if I don't put some priority on it, it's too easy to let it slide.

I decided I'm going to "kind of" follow Jane Stickle's colors, except I will put in some other colors for some of the browns.  There are so many brownish blocks and I want to have more color and use some of the purple fabric that I have.

Come back tomorrow to see if I got any DJ blocks made.


  1. I'm impressed at how much you've gotten quilted on the anniversary quilt. I'd have stopped for a break long before now! It's looking good. I like your favric selections for the DJ. It's good that you have a plan for getting it done.

  2. Your quilting on the anniversary quilt is beautiful, love the little fern type leaves. They look so delicate! Love the DJ fabrics, too. With a goal of three a week and the fabrics sorted out, you have a good plan to follow. Enjoy!

  3. The anniversary quilt quilting is lovely and accentuates the quilt top so nicely. You just missed MY 25th anniversary--it was last year. A 26th anniversary one will do just as nicely though! ;)

  4. I especially love how you quilted the pinwheels, but all of your quilting is beautiful. Your planning and determination on the DJ is impressive! ---"Love"

  5. You've done a lovely job on the quilting so far!
    Good for you, making a plan to do the Dear Jane blocks. I wish I was so committed. That will be nice to have such a large group for support and to cheer each other on. : )

  6. I was going to say what "Love"said. I do love the quilting, it isjust making that quilt more and more beautiful.
    You are really serious about that Dear Jane quilt. Love the fabric you have ready. I am not sure that I could do some of the blocks.
    Happy stitching.

  7. The anniversary quilt is coming along beautifully! Haven't been bitten by the Janiac bug yet, though I do have the Farmers Wife book and cd. We shall see ...

  8. wow, you've done a lot of quilting - looks great.
    Love the wooden box for your DJ fabrics - smart to keep them together. looks like a great collection