Friday, December 6, 2013


Winter weather arrived in the Dallas area yesterday and this is the view from my front door this morning.  It has been sleeting for most of the night.  Lots of schools, government agencies and businesses are closed today, so we will be hunkering down and trying to get lots done for Christmas.

View from front door
We usually get one ice storm during winter, but mostly it takes place in January or February.  This is early for us.  The day before yesterday it was 80 degrees!

Bush near front door

Neighborhood view
 Here is another outfit that I made for one of Abby's dolls.  The pants are pink denim that I got from a DIL who is Abby's aunt.  She also sent me the "bling" that I glued on the pants.  I hope it sticks!  The rick rack and fringe balls were garage sale purchases.

Outfit for "Gracie"
The doll outfit is laying on top of a gift quilt that I just finished quilting and can't show yet.  There is another one just like it posted on my "secret" blog.  I just sewed on the binding and will hand sew it to the back while watching TV tonight.

Now, on to a few other projects!


  1. The doll outfit is adorable. I am heading over to see your secret blog. Might be emailing you for the URL again if it doesn't work.

    Stay safe and warm.

  2. That is definitely a study in contrasts to go from 80 degrees to an ice storm!
    Cute, cute little doll outfit. : )

  3. Yes, winter has arrived in NM, too. We had 5 inches of snow at our house yesterday and I think a little more overnight. I had to run an errand yesterday morning but made it quick because the weather was getting worse by the minute. It was all over by mid afternoon and we just had snow, no ice storm to deal with. Stay home, stay warm and have fun getting ready for Christmas until this series of storms blows through. Our next round of storms is due to start tomorrow night. This is the best year for snow in the eight years I've been out here.

  4. While I giggled a little over everything being shut down for icy weather, that does look a little treacherous. Sounds like you have power, though, and that's a good thing. (You can sew!) The little outfit is so sweet and I hope the weather improves soon for you.

  5. Ice storms are the worst. At least snow gets plowed and roads salted, but that ice is so dangerous. Stay safe.
    Cute doll outfit. Love those pants.

  6. another super cute doll outfit!! You are one very sweet grandma!!

    We're icy today too. Stay warm and safe!!


  7. Ice storms are no fun, but they are pretty -
    what a sweet doll outfit!

  8. I hope you are thru the worst part of the icy weather!