Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My goal last week was to finish quilting my GD's quilt so I could take it to my guild meeting on Monday and then send it to my GD.  Well, I had problems with my sewing machine, so on Friday I took it to be serviced thinking it would take about a week.  I decided to make a new purse with the pattern and fabric I bought in Oregon last summer at BJ's Quilt Shop since I could use my Featherweight.  It is so nice to have a "back up" sewing machine!  

I really liked the purse when I saw their sample hanging in the shop and the directions were quite complicated, but I got it finished in time for church on Sunday!

Both sides look the same, so it is confusing.  I keep getting into the wrong pocket.  There is a zippered pocket and an outer pocket with a snap on each side.

Inside there is a pocket for my cell phone and two other pockets.  I still haven't gotten everything organized yet.

While we were in Oregon, I found this "toy" ironing board at a garage sale (where else?) and couldn't resist.  DH refinished it for me.

Yesterday I made an ironing board cover for it since we will be taking Abby's Christmas and birthday gifts with us when we go to her house for Thanksgiving.

View of the top.  Now we just have to find a toy iron for it!

Oh, my sewing machine was fixed by Saturday, so I went and picked it up.  It seems to be working fine, but I had to re-prioritize my quilting and some other items will come before my GD's quilt.

Hoping for no sewing machine problems for all during this busy time of year.


  1. Darling purse. Why is it that our sewing machine acts up when we have a deadline? But then we always sew with deadlines.

  2. Hi Ruth!!! The purse is really cute!! You did a good job!!! I love that toy Ironing Board. Abby will love it!!

    I, too, am having sewing machine issues - need to take Sylvia in for a tune up. And of course I have a bunch of projects to get finished - ah where does the time go!!


  3. Very nice looking bag! You did a beautiful job, Ruth!
    Love that ironing board--too cute! Looks very nice with its refinish and new cover. : )

  4. What a great bag! I've never been that good at making them.
    Abby will be thrilled with the iron set up.

  5. What a cute bag! Love all the pockets, etc. I had an ironing board like that too, but I don't know what happened to it. What fun Abby will have with it. You'll find an iron somewhere I'd bet. ---"Love"

  6. Your purse is so cute! I have not had time to make myself a bag yet but there are some great patters out there and I will have to give it a try. Yours is inspiring. I love the little ironing board and I'm sure Abby will have a wonderful time playing with it.

  7. Love the purses with all the projects. I love the ironing board. Your little one will love playing with it. What wonderful memories she will have.

  8. That purse is so cute. Love all the pockets.
    Boo on the machine problems. Glad you got your machine back already.
    The ironing board is so cute. So is the cover. I need to make a new cover for mine. It is cringe worthy. LOL
    Happy stitching

  9. great bag and wonderful iron board redu!