Saturday, August 31, 2013


 I recently spent a week with my sister and as we usually do, there was more of my Mom's things to go through.  One was this quilt top that my Mom cross stitched.  She loved to embroider and made several of these type of quilts.  In fact, the first one that she made was our wedding quilt.

This one only lacks a small section of cross stitching.  I think she must have run out of thread, so I'll see if I have some that I can use to finish the stitching on it.  Then I'll have to decide what to do.  It is marked with quilting lines.  I really don't want to quilt it by hand and I don't especially like following lines when I quilt by machine.  Oh, the dilemma!

When I returned home, there was a package waiting for me!  I will be exchanging blocks with ShelbyStitcher and she already sent mine.  These blocks are from Bonnie Hunter's quilt, Virginia Bound in her book Scraps and Shirttails.  Next Saturday I will be participating in Bonnie's workshop in Dallas and this will give me more variety in the fabrics used.  I can't wait!

In addition, ShelbyStitcher sent me this little stretched star block for me to use as I please.  I love how the plaids look with the muslin and have always liked this pattern, but never made one.

My trip was fun, but now I'm ready to stay home for a while.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love that pretty sampler middle! Sweet log cabin too! Would be so lovely surrounded by patch work too!
    What treasures to have from your Mom. I have some pilla cases my Mama did up. She made them up for gifts till her hands got to stiff.
    I bought a bag of sewing goods at thrift that had some cross stitch printed quilt squares in it. Wish those quilt line markings would wash out!

  2. Wow... an embroidered quilt top! The amount of stitching is mind-boggling but what a treasure!

    And attending a Bonnie Hunter workshop? What fun you'll have... I'm envious!

  3. You must have inherited your mother's creative gene. How sweet to have something that your mother worked on and you can finish. Great Bonnie Hunter blocks, have fun at her class.

  4. What a lovely treasure that your mother made and how nice that you can finish it. Oh, those pesky quilting lines. Do you know someone that likes to quilt on the lines?
    You've had some fun things happening --with more to look forward to. A Bonnie workshop--very cool!

  5. No doubt finding that top embroidered by your mom made your heart race with excitement! It is beautiful, and I'm sure you'll decide how best to finish it. Shelby's block gives me an idea on how to use all those little triangles I saved from the corners of the church's circle quilt! The pieced blocks also are great ideas for almost any kind of leftovers! Have fun at the workshop! ---"Love"

  6. I made this exact same quilt about 30 years ago. I think I still have some of the threads so if you can't find them in the stores, send me the color number and I will check what I have.

  7. Love the cross stitched top. It is beautiful.
    The blocks you swapped look good. They will give you good variety when you go to class.
    Hope you get to stay home for a while and relax.

  8. The cross stitch quilt top is beautiful. I am so happy that you will be finishing the stitching. How ever you quilt it; I am sure it will turn out great. What a treasure you will have. Love the scrappy homespun fabric! And the star block is also a special addition.