Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas Day DS had to work at the hospital, so we had our DIL and GD Abby over to the camper for lunch.  We had celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve.  

Abby lining up the tiny wise men and shepherds.

Reading Abby's favorite book about Vera being sick.

I worked on my 4 3/4" log cabin blocks.

32 blocks added to the ones I have at home.  I think I have about 200 of them.
Tomorrow is a big day for Abby - her 4th birthday.  She is very excited!  We plan to go to the zoo and then have a little family party.  Hopefully, it won't be too cold.

Have you had any time to sew this week?


  1. You look like you are having a great grandmother time! Your hair looks lovely.

    Glad you could sew some!

  2. Abby is a beautiful little girl. I hope she has a great birthday.
    Your log cabin blocks are so cute. How many total are you shooting for? Love the fabrics you are using.
    I finished a Dec. block for my BOM and am trying to finish borders for my feathered star, but I am sick, so progress is slow.

  3. Abby is so beautiful. What a face!
    Sounds like you are having fun.

    No sewing here, but soon I hope.
    Happy Birthday Abby.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ABBY! Aren't Grandmoms fun?


  5. Happy birthday to Abby. The picture of the two of you reading is so nice.

    I'm trying to come up with something to use 24 fat quarters I got in a Secret Santa shoebox swap.

  6. Looks like fun! Happy birthday Abby!!

  7. What a wonderful day with your granddaughter. I plan on sewing next week after my family leaves. My sewing room has been turned back into a bedroom. Happy New Year.

  8. Time to sew? Surely you jest! *sigh* Glad you are having so much fun with Abby; she'll be all grown up before you know it! Four ---- going on five soon! ---"Love"

  9. My she has grown and such a cutey - Happy Birthday Abby! Your blocks look great. I've missed seeing everyone's projects. ann :-)

  10. Abby is such a little doll, tell her Happy Birthday for me! Your little log cabin blocks are so cute, too. Can't wait to see them in a project!

  11. Happy Birthday Abby! She's looking so grown up already. 200 blocks? That's going to be on BIG quilt, even if the blocks are little!

  12. I bet Abby loved this - my grandchildren love visiting in the camper. :) blessings, marlene

  13. 4 is such a wonderful age - enjoy and Happy Birthday Abby!
    the LC blocks looks great.