Wednesday, November 7, 2012


These 2 pictures were taken on my walk this morning!  Not all trees are turning colors, but these are 2 of the prettiest.  Lots of trees are still green and lots are turning yellow.

It's been about a week since I last posted, but I've been busy.  I am trying to finish quilting this quilt.  I have half of the black setting triangles left as well as the border.  I'm hoping to get it finished by the weekend.

I saw this cute penguin on Pinterest and thought it would be so cute as an ornament for Abigail, so I got started right away.  I am all finished with the stitching, except for the snowflake on the right.  I ran out of white thread!  I thought sure that I had more, but no.  Now, I need to figure out what ornaments to make for the other GKs.  I could make another penguin with boy colors for Eli or Jonah - I'll think about that.

Saturday I have a special outing that I'll tell you about next week.  


  1. Beautiful trees! We are starting to get some color here in Central Texas, too! The quilting looks fabulous! And the penguin is adorable!!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Flamingly beautiful trees, Ruth! We are way past Fall colors here and into the bare tree stage. : (
    Your quilting looks beautiful--and very labor intensive. Look at you doing feathers. I am impressed, and intimidated.
    What a very cute little penguin. I haven't done any counted cross-stitch in such a long time. Wonder if it is like riding a bike? : )

  3. Fall just caught up with you, huh? Love that little penguin but you know needlepoint is not for me. But Abigail will love it!


  4. Such beautiful feather quilting! I will try that pattern soon.

    Enjoy your little bit o' fall!

  5. Beautiful fall------here in Texas we have waited a long time for it's arrival. Hope winter is not around the corner. Cute little penquin, will make a darling ornament.

  6. I love fall foliage like that; and aren't we glad fall is here?!!
    You are going to show us that beautiful quilt Saturday, right? The penquin will be much loved! ---"Love"

  7. Cute little penguin. I have been in Texas for the last week and I that it was still Summer! We have a the best time driving all over Texas and visiting with family.

  8. pretty tree! your quilting looks great and I love your little stitchery so cute~~!

  9. I envy you still having pretty trees - most of ours are bare by now. Cute penguin.

  10. The trees look so pretty when the leaves change, don't they?
    The little cross stitch is adorable.
    Have fun whatever you are doing.

  11. Sadly our trees have no leaves left this time of year! But we did have a beautiful colorful fall before the wind came and took them all down. The penguin is adorable and in boy-ish colors would be perfect for the grandsons. And the quilting on the swap quilt looks great!