Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday we went to Plymouth, MA and it was awesome!  I couldn't get over that it was 1620 that the pilgrims landed there!  We had to go see the Mayflower II!  It is a reproduction of the original Mayflower - that is as close as they could figure it had been, as there were no plans for it or pictures.  I can't imagine spending 66 days on this small ship with 102 passengers in the area below deck which was meant for shipping.

Mayflower II
 We also went to the Pilgrim Hall Museum.  Again, no pictures could be taken, but I did buy a postcard of one item that was very special.  This is a postcard picture of the actual sampler made by Loara Standish, the daughter of Myles and Barbara Standish, around 1640!  The sampler is amazing and it is wonderful that it is still in existence and permanently on display at this museum.  They also had a wicker baby cradle that was brought over on the Mayflower!

And, of course, Plymouth Rock!

The computer isn't cooperating very well, so I will try to post this and continue with another post later.


  1. It does look like it would be a bit crowded on that ship. How brave to even get on that vessel headed for uncertainty.
    I am enjoying your trip so much. You go to the best places. :)
    Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Wow! The Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. Now those are two must sees. It is amazing to think of those folks coming all that way, scary for them I am sure.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Wow. That so nostalgic to me I love New England History !!We would like to live in Maine or Vermont even our favorite little Nantucket but we are as close as we can get in New Jersey. This is where family is, and my grand children are. Looks like your having a great time, how are the blocks and makeshift stations going ? Izzy

  4. I can't imagine having that much nerve or faith for such a crossing of the ocean like that! I wonder if any got sea sick or had clostrophobia; I bet some did! I bet they kissed the ground when thay arrived too! ---"Love"