Thursday, October 27, 2011


First, last Saturday's civil war block #43 is finished.  It is named the Right Hand of Friendship.

I'm a much happier camper now that I replaced the batting in the fall flannel quilt with Mountain Mist Cream Rose batting.  Also, while trying to decide how to quilt it, I went to Sally Terry's site and found my solution!  Her book "Hooked on Feathers" has been recommended and while I didn't want to do feathers on this quilt, I wanted to see if she had any tutorials on her web site.  I clicked around for a while and came to a downloadable PDF file on "Terry Twist Squares" which proved to be my answer!  It's perfect for 9-patches!  If anyone wants to see the PDF file, when you open her web site, scroll down and click on the hyperlink that says, "Take up extra fabric with stencils video" and when you get to that page, scroll down to where it says, "Click here for downloadable PDF file."  You can see what it looks like in the close up picture of some of the blocks.  It went quite fast and easy!

Saturday, Jennifer and I will be meeting at Love's home for a day of sewing!  We are really looking forward to it and I will post some pictures of our day (if I remember the camera)!  Hope you have a productive sewing weekend also!


  1. Your CW#43 is just perfect! I've been looking at several bloggers' blocks on the CW Flicker site, and several have used that striped background, but none have placed it as perfectly as yours! Also your quilting design does work well on your quilt. Maybe someday I'll be able to do it! See you Saturday! ---"Love"

  2. I love the fabrics in the quilt!

  3. A friend of mine (MsLibra from APQ), just took a class with Sally Terry, 2 weeks ago at the Machine Quilters Exposition in Oregon. Looks like some interesting stuff!

    Your quilt looks great!


    PS - have fun on Saturday!

  4. Block 43 is wonderful, great fabric choices, love the red. Your quilting design was a perfect match for your lovely quilt.

  5. Terrific quilt pattern! It was a perfect match for this quilt. The right batting is so important. Have a wonderful time at Love's. I can't wait to read all about it. ann :-)

  6. Done already? Well aren't you on a roll! It looks great. Have fun at Love's!

  7. Your #43 block is great - I love the way you used the fabrics.

    I'll check out the tutorial.

  8. The quilt turned out great! Give Love a big hug from me! Have fun this weekend!


  9. Playing catch up on the blogs. Your CW block looks great. Love your fabrics.
    I am sure you all had a great time at Love's. I wsill have to keep looking for that post. :)