Sunday, May 8, 2011


The civil war block of the week - I really like it!

I have just finished 2 weeks of practicing free motion quilting with other quilters.  See the blog here.  My goal was to be able to quilt feathers on the border of my basket quilt.  The quilt is for a full size bed and I'm quilting it on my domestic sewing machine (DSM).  I layered it in two sections so it would be easier to quilt with my DSM.  I laid the quilt out on a king size bed so you could see the two sections of the quilt.  The section on the left is all quilted and the border of the section on the right is quilted.

In the next picture I folded the batting under so you can see how the quilt will look.

I'm not sure if you can see the quilting on the left side and the border.  It's not perfect, but I am making progress and hope to get better with more experience.  I'm not entering the quilt in a show or anything like that.  The rest of the quilting and putting both halfs together will have to wait a while since we're going to our GD's high school graduation soon.

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  1. Your feathers practice is paying off! They look great! When I saw you at that machine Saturday, I was impressed by how well you did! I have no doubt you will master it very soon! I too love the Civil War block! ---"Love"

  2. I have a book on how to quilt in sections. I have never used the method. It takes the quilt & backing as a whole but the batting in sections.

  3. Your basket quilt is absolutely beautiful,

  4. You are getting so much better! The quilt is lovely.


  5. That is so pretty! Good for you for doing all the practicing and having a go at it!! What a great quilt!

  6. Your feathers are so smooth and float-y...wonderful work!!

  7. You are doing great feathers. I love your baskets. That pattern was the one we did in the first class I took. It was listed as a beginner's class. I later found out the teracher just wanted to make that quilt.
    Glad I didn't give up when I thought that was an 'easy' pattern.
    Great job. Love the CW block too.

  8. Every time I see your basket quilt I fall in love with it all over again. It was inspiration to make mine. I'm also really enjoying your Civil War blocks. Ann ;-)

  9. Seus trabalhos são lindos, Perfeitos.
    Estou te seguindo e vou colocar seu blog no meu para receber novidades,

  10. It's a lovely quilt - I would LOVE to see the quilting, if that's possible. I know you have been practicing a LOT. Maybe you SHOULD put it in the Q.S., as a testament to new learners?