Thursday, March 17, 2011


Monday night was my guild meeting, so I took the 3 quilts that I finished as well as this baby afghan that I made with mostly donated or leftover yarn.  I did have to purchase some to finish it because it wasn't quite big enough.

This is the civil war block for week 11.  So far I'm all caught up, but Saturday we leave on a trip, so I will probably get behind.  Check back for pictures of grandchildren in the next few weeks!  We decided on the way home from our Christmas/birthday trip in January, that we HAD to go again before we take our long trip to Oregon in June.  Then DS#3 called to see if we could come there in March for a week and that worked out great.  We will be visiting Florida also.

I'm getting projects ready to take along.  Here I'm basting my second Cheddar Cheese & Crackers quilt for hand quilting.  This time I'm using Mountain Mist batting for the first time - recommended for the Jo Morton quilts that I'm doing for Jo's Little Women club.

Here's some fabric for making Abigail a dress and apron.  I don't know if I will do this or not, but I like to be prepared.  My DIL said she is very attached to the Christmas pillow case I gave her in December.  Two year olds are so sweet!

This is my hand work bin with embroidery projects.

A bigger bin with quilting projects.  The "birds in the air" block is for my Jo's club quilt.  I will need 48 of those blocks (4 1/4" unfinished).  The HST's finish at 1 1/4".   Also, my paper piecing project (which I haven't touched since the last trip.  

The hand work projects will be for riding in the truck.  I will have my featherweight in the camper so I can sew at night.  I always take at least twice as much to do as I even touch, but I don't want to run out of things to do and get bored.

Happy St. Patrick's day!  Now, I'm going to put on my shamrock earrings!


  1. What a delicate baby afghan; such a pretty pattern! Looks like you will have more than enough projects to keep you busy. Your CW block is beautiful; I haven't begun my CW quilt yet. Be careful and enjoy your trip. ---"Love"

  2. It looks like you're definitely ready for anything with all those projects. I look forward to seeing what you get done.

  3. The baby afghan is beautiful! It is a good idea to take more projects than you think you will work on. You never know what you will be in the mood to work on, so more is better. Have a great trip, enjoy the grandkids and have fun!

  4. Love the CW block, your looks perfect.
    The baby afgan looks so soft and pretty.
    Have a great trip. Look forward to seeing photos of the grands again.

  5. I am astonished to see how interesting the colors play together in your second photo - never in the world could I have guessed that those fabrics would work so well together. You have a gift, especially with that partgicular color combo. It's lovely!

  6. Love that Civil War block. The fabric is fantastic. Have a great trip!


  7. You have some wonderful projects going on them!

  8. It looks like you will be prepared for your trip.
    I love your CW block- great fabric!

  9. wow so many projects lined up - you are very creative. enjoy ;-)

  10. Great cheddar quilt. can you give me any information on that cheddar small scale print? I need more for a project and don't know the fabric line or maker.
    Thank you