Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today, we toured Arches Nation Park near Moab, UT.

I want you to see the nice area for cutting fabrics or ironing that I have in the camper. It also works good for fixing meals. Most of the time, however, it has food, keys, phones, etc. on it.

I put these pictures on in the reverse order that I had planned to. This one shows the hill we climbed up (from the top) to be able to take the delicate arch picture.
Here is the delicate arch - the most famous one from the park. Can you see the people in the picture? They look like ants. From the top of the hill that we climbed, it is still quite a ways away. We were too exhausted to go any further.
This is me when I reached the top of the hill. The altitude is about 5,000 feet, and we were very out of breath going uphill. We wanted to do it so we could show our kids that we could!
This is a picture of a balancing rock that was amazing. The only bad part of the day was the heat. We didn't think it would be as hot as it was - we were trying to get away from heat on this trip. But, by tomorrow, we will be in Idaho, and it should be a lot cooler. Yea!!!
Thank goodness for air conditioning in the camper!!!!


  1. Good for you for making all the way!!! It's been many years since I've been there but the beauty of it has not changed.

  2. AMAZING pictures!! It's just like I'm there. So glad the camper is working out so well for you. Yippee for A/C!!

  3. Great pictures! But with all that beautiful scenery, how do you have time to even think about quilting?
    Hot, hot here today too, but there's been a little rain here tonight, heading toward your home probably. There'll be steam tomorrow for sure! ---"Love"

  4. What a beautiful place. Looks like you made the climb without any trouble.
    It was warm here earlier in the day but it is quite cool tonight. ( I'm glad cause my a/c is still broken).
    Enjoy your trip!

  5. Beautiful pictures. Someday I'll get there (first I have to convince the hubby it's worth the trip...). And that looks like a nice little sewing/cutting area - so nice that you can take it all along!

  6. it does not even look like you are enjoying retirement! So glad you are out on the road in the new camper. Enjoy

  7. Great pictures! What an interesting trip. Looks like you are enjoying it.
    Bless DS#3 and a big thank you for his service.

    Have a super great day.

  8. Amazing pictures! You go, girl!


  9. Stunning scenery Ruth and I think your cutting space is rather nifty. Keep cool! Ann :-)

  10. I happy for you guys being able to get out and see some country;) My husband and I have plans to go there one day. It's great that you have space to take your quilting along with you;) Have fun and stay cool;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  11. Amazing pictures and congrats on making that climb! I am so ready to retire and hit the road in our camper, that is when we get one.

  12. Happy that you are having a wonderful time together! That was quite a climb! Always enjoy your pictures on your blog!


  13. What a wonderful space! Lucky you to be able to do some quilting while travelling.

    Your travelling photos are wonderful!


  14. Love the pictures. We have passed thru Moab and by the park several times but have not stopped. We always say "maybe next time". We will go when it is much cooler and the tourists have thinned out. Your little cutting area looks great. Enjoy your trip!

  15. Wow what beauty! I am so impressed with your quilting on the go. You're a true addict!!! ;) Christine