Monday, February 2, 2009


It's been a while since I posted, but I have been busy. I just finished 2 of these wall hangings with DS#3's picture on it. It is the first time I have done a printed picture on a quilt. DS is going to be deployed to the middle east in April and I made one of these for us and one for my DIL.I'm making some progress on my tumbler charm quilt. I don't know how big I'm going to make it, but I hung in on my new design wall (which isn't very big, but better than nothing) and I really love it! It helps to see it all at once. I am hand stitching these reproduction blocks together. It measures about 33" wide and 37" high now and I still have a lot of pieces cut out.
I noticed that I stitched the left piece on the second to last row on the wrong way - but I will fix that.
OOPS!  Someone pointed out to me that the bottom 4 rows don't have the dark and light colors alternating.  I just wasn't watching close enough when I put them up on the design wall.  They aren't sewn together yet, so I just need to flip two of them around.  Tee Hee Hee!!  (It looks better now).

Here's the next to last block of the Noah's ark BOM. The ark just came out, so I will get started on that soon. Go here to get the patterns.
These are my leader & enders scrap blocks that I have been doing for quite a while. One of these days I will put them together. It will be my first all scraps quilt.
I hope you noticed the vintage valentines on my lead picture! These are all valentines that my mother saved from her childhood and they date to around 1911- 1915. Except for the one "to my wife" - that one was from my Dad to my Mom. I don't know the year, but they got married in 1935 and it could have been any time from then up to the 50's sometime. These certainly are treasures in my mind.


  1. First, I think your COMMENT wording is the same color as the background because it disappeared! I found it by rolling my mouse over the area and seeing the hand pop up, but you might wonder if you don't get any comments!

    I love everything, your son and DIL will love it. I love tumblers...they are so neat. I see that little one tipped to the side.*s* happens to me all the time! Did you also realize that you shifted your darks to making rows towards the bottom (last 4 rows)? You might have done it on purpose but just wondered in case you didn't mean to.

  2. I appreciate so much your son's service for our country. I love the wall hangings - wonderful idea. Your tumblers look so nice. I can't believe you are handsewing them! You have a lot of patience.

  3. i know this post was years ago, but i'm looking to make a tumbler quilt out of charm squares, and am having trouble estimating how many charms i'll need for a twin sized quilt. can you tell me how many charms you used and how big your quilt was? that would be a big help! (i'm assuming you used 5" squares to start.)