Friday, May 23, 2008


The new grandson is finally here!!!  He was born by C-section yesterday around 1:00 PM.  He weighed 7 lb. 14 oz. and is 21" long - with red hair (after his Daddy).  My DIL went in to be induced on Wednesday and it didn't work (again).  She had her water broken Wed. night.  That still didn't produce good enough contractions, so they did the C-section.  We are so happy for a healthy baby boy!  Both Mom and baby are doing fine.  We'll be going to help them for a week on Sunday - can't wait!

BTW, I ordered the Old Glory fabric from Hancock's of Paducah.  It's on back order, so I hope I get it!


  1. Again CONGRATULATIONS, glad all is well. Be safe on your trip and enjoy the new baby! I'm sure Mom will be greatful for the help. J

  2. Congrats to you & your family on your precious new blessing!

  3. Happy, happy birthday to the new little one!

  4. How lovely for you. Congrats. I wish him great health and love.

  5. Congratulations to you Ruth and the rest of your family, what is your new grandson's name?

    Leanne xx

  6. Hi,
    I found you through Quilting Bloggers.
    Congratulations on your new grandson!! Hope mom & baby will doing great!

    I love all of your quilts that you have made and are working on, especially your doll quilt is adorable!!
    As far as Windham Old Glory III Toile fabric, I found this site that carries this fabric and other reproduction fabrics. You might contact them to see if they still have it. (Hope they do for you!!)

    Ooops!! I just missed to read your new post. You've already found the shop.
    Well, mine resouce might be for your back up... (lol)